Sunday, October 4, 2009


Fearing to share,
Acquaintances rare,
n depth belief,

rusting blindly,leading

earts rendering with anxiety.


Leo said...

true i guess. but is faith needed to be trusted blindly? :)

Mads... said...

according to me, if u owe complete faith in sum1,den u'll b trusting him/her blindfolded..dats wht true faith..:) isn't it..??
newys, thnx a lot for ur views..

Skye said...

this poem seems to be stating two
different views, i'll have to
read her again.
enjoyed the succinctness.

Amias said...

This is a good try, but it does seem to be going in two different directions. Then again, faith is like that isn't it? We share ourselves and have faith that others will understand what we are sharing ... as such, you succeeded.

Mads... said... is dis,whot it's means i wrote..:)

@Amias..ya, i took faith in dis way mite differ acc to person, so diff views mite cum..u liked it..thnks a lot..:)