Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chess..A Game of Life..!!!

Grid of squares,White and Black ,

whooping in the Battle field to attack..

Waiting in the Combat Zone are Rooks and Bishops,

They stand upright,

Warrior, thou strong,

Crossing and Moving Ahead,

Fearing no one around...

Facing the King and Queen are standing Knights,

Big and Powerful,

Undefeated,they stand out from the rest,

Jumping and Checking,Just keep fighting...

Preceding them all are Pawns,

Willing for Reincarnation,

Always,they bow to bleed,

Striving to win by power,

Neglected,thou size...

Game of Life, it's a Game to survive,

Game of obsession, to play with passion.

Boggling mind, and Challenges sublime,

Killing moves, defending the self,

Trapping the opponent's king,

ends with Magical 2 words,



KParthasarathi said...

Wow , a superb play of words as interesting as the moves of the pieces in the chess board placing the apt word at the right place much like the chess player cautiously moving his piecces.
I loved this post being a chess player myself

Amity Me said...

oh Mads, you must be a chess addict...

you were able to animate the game in this post of yours...

dunno how to play dear even though my kids are patiently teaching me, it really does not register at all in me...

nice playing Mads! :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey madhu,

i love this game alottt..i love to play it even if u wake me up in half asleep..

thanks for this poem ..u have risen my spirits up..:) well said and superb usage of words..keeep it up..

Mads... said...

@KP uncle..thnk u so vry much..i kno, wht an obsession does a chess player have..:)

@Amity..hehe..i like chess bt m nt at all an addict..:) try learnin..its huge fun..u'll grab it soon..:)..thnx a lott dear..!!!

@Pramoda..nice to kno dat u're a chess addict..a gr8 mind it needs..:) well,same the case is wid my father..he luvs the game jus like nethin..:)so,jus a dedication to him..:)
thnx a lott fr ur valuable appreciation..:)

Anonymous said...

hey Maddy,

this poem was very well written! it flowed as well and as interesting as the game of chess itself!! :)

well done!

Creativity!! said...

Wowwww :) :) So Beautiful Inspirational Lines :) :)

Mads... said...

@Leo..thnx Vinay..ya, the game is vry interestin..:) thnx a lot..!!

@Creativity..thnk u so much dear..:)

manivannan said...

Well done mate :-)

Excellently written poem...I liked it very much.

Keep up your admirable work!

Mads... said...

@mani..thnk u so much..its my pleasure..thnx 4 cuming..:)