Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dresed To Kill...

raped in ethnic robe,
Ramping in contest royal,
Embellishing trend,in fashion,
Sequin studded satin attire,
Shining in glamor world,
Embroidered with silver spark,
Dazzling beauty,captivating stare.

Tip to toe with,
Ornaments to accessorize.

Killer looks,with
Intriguing blaze of charm,
Looks of angel divine,
Lustrous beauty, Lady next-door...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shades of Beauty...:)

liss of
Treasure to

Beauty is born when,
Heart touches the soul,and
Dream chases the reality...

Beauty is hidden in self,
Beauty is embedded in thoughts,
Beauty is to be discovered...

Beauty of a poem glows with words,
Beauty of music is with rhythm
Beauty of painting is stroke,
Beauty of art is in creation...

Beauty of Child is,
captured by Innocence,
Innocence roiling from eyes,
wrapped with smile,
Stealing the heart,and
Encasing the beauty with spark...

Beauty of Nature lies in,
              Garden of flowers,
              blooming in colors,
spring with showers,
fluttering leaves,and
chirping birds.
   Sea is beautified by waves,and
Clouds by rain,
Sky is lured by shine of sun,
twinkle of stars,and glitter of moon...

Beauty of Man is with,
his deeds and words,
his thoughts and actions.

Beauty lies in vision,Beauty lies in expression,
Beauty is to feel,Beauty is to see...

Beauty pacifies the joys, Beauty entraps the love,
Beauty is in God,Beauty is divine,
Beauty is here,Beauty is everywhere..!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009


Intellectual pundit,
agnifying the art with,

otpourri of

hythmic Rhymes,

On this sublime

roficiency befalling with,

ossed off

nscripted amazement..!!!


igh in Sky
Holy kingdom of
Heavenly Stars

Eternity in bliss
Everyone's dream
Eden Paradise

Abode of
Angels and fairies
Amidst cosmic space

Visible radiance
Virtuous spirit
Vision of Strength

Ethereal deity
Enlightenment of life
Euphoria of joys

Nirvana from sins
Noble desire
New world waiting..!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunken beyond the shore...

Royal cruise,
loaded with voyagers huge,
proposed with deluxe luxuries,
carrying the riches,
set for a journey wide,to sail.

was a masterpiece from,
worthy skillful architects,
tagged as largest floating craft
of the time,
bookmarked the history,
not because of powerful
strokes of engines used,
but due to the overwhelming
attack of mighty nature.

Yes, that fateful night of 1912,
came with a catastrophe to awe,
the fun, and frolic,and moods of merry,
chirpy delight of passengers all,
got shaken by a casual struck of an iceberg,
a single hit,led to an unworthy accident,
sinking vessel,rolled into an obscene disaster,
clutches of powerful nature,overrated the
labor and sweat of loyal engineers,
the huge body dumped into a wreckage,
tragedy,outrageous took the toll to thousands,
for centuries bound to remember,
the splendid and classic,Titanic,
swallowed off by the Atlantic...

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dab Hand...



Beating Brilliance

Hands gripped with

Arch of pen

Novel imagery

Drafted with intent..!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starry Revival..:)

Shining jewels in the gloomy sky,

Countless, they seem as a beam,
I gaze them with a glare,
My angels with a gloss of twinkle,
Beholding my dreams,
Upcasting my wish,
My sacred gems, grant me in swift,
entrusting you I unlax my eyes,
but with a glimpse of sight,
the chilly dawn takes you in abate,
clasp the dream to,I wake with a gust,
crushed,I am to see you all lost,
left with a wait,staring the cloudy haze,
with fingers crossed and breath tight,
Awe..I saw them, one,two and all,
am flushed with a ray of hope,
entrapped in rejuvenation of desires,
it's a starry revival, a fresh reincarnation,
a new awakening with more shine,
upholding my dreams, they glow in replete,
Shining in the Castle with streaks..!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain of Love..Rain of Sorrow...

The pouring drizzle,as I see,
Tranquil time,turning the hailing clouds,
into splash of shower,
sensational spree, Oh..I love,
am thrilled with soothing calm,
Beating the sorrows,
Refining the pains,
It's the Rain of love, Rain of joy...
Alas, I rue at the sight,
The Rain of love for me,
is of sorrow for the meager slum boy,
Driven in melancholy,we,
millions are there in the plight,
The errant child in me,relishes
to dance in down pouring shower,
poor he, there hankers for shelter,
running for a roof of shield,
abandoned by his murky life,
left with a cry of strife...
This is the Rain of daze,with
Stains of Sorrows ,and Drains of Love...

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Falling Leaves...

The leaves are green,
floating on trees,
whirling and winding,
dancing with glee.
But,the earthly nature,
wishes to groan,
sprawling autumn has
neared so soon,

Leaves all lush,have started
losing flutter,
falling with moan,
turning to red,pale and dry,
without any envious sigh,
Departed,they have,
with sorrows unsaid,
and song wordless..!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dona Nobis Pacem..!!!

Grant Us Peace..!!!
Nov 5,2009 World Peace Day..!!!
Bloggers from the world blogging for peace..!!!

Governing power,thy,
Rising before you, we, for,
Amity and calm,in the
Need of Harmony blended with serenity,
Throes and terror to bane..

Universe, globally pining,for
Soothe and Silence.

Preaching for,
Everlasting Peace,
Abate the clutches of distress,
Camouflaged be the violence by composure,
Empathy and tender to survive..!!!

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In need of Serendipity...

Celestial Soul,yours,
am blessed with,thou,

Within,fragment each,

is known your existence,
Without any piece of evidence,

Abiding in my heart,

absorbed deeply, in each of my breath,

resting within me,for

eternity with peace..

Despite,entangling in spirit,single,

I need to plea in petition,

You,the Creator of my
Owner of my actions,
Sealed my fate,

Concealed my destiny,

obeyed each of your conduct,
Ranting,I'm in a hope,

Burning in the fire of
Craving for that
serendipitous moment,
will it ever happen to me,

will there be an end to my wait..
Oh..Mighty, lip to my woe,

tangled u, with sigh of my breaths..

Today,I Solicit you to,

Free me from my Karmas,
Take me into your spiritualism,
Obey,I will your Dharma,
Wipe off all my wither and worries,
Abate all my desires and woes,
Serendipity yours,I awe with a bow..!!!

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Monday, November 2, 2009


oud burst of sound,pleasant,
musement with high spirits of contentment,
nconditional joys all around,
iggling and chuckling in abound,
Hilarious tone,so vibrant..:)

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Shift in Time...

Minutes beating, and
with the transcend of every second,
I see a time elapse,
not just with the,
oscillation of clock hour, but
time is running from our life,
galloping at a rapid pace,
flying without wings,
the notice might be minuscule,
at the moment,but
as years pass by,
siting back and recounting memoirs,
recalling the experiences of past,
can a bit of that while, be driven back..??
wish,that time could be held tight,
clenched in my fist right,
an apparent drift in time, haunts,
with a caution to brisk with,
experiments of the present,and
advancing with the tranquil time,
so, not to woe for overrunning moments,
in the prospective future,
as this tranquility once lost,
would not spin back,
the shift is difficult to sustain..!!!


Creating a new rhythm,
Calling for competency,
Reflection of Imagination,
Reservoir of Ideas,
Exploring the flair,with
Encouraging brains,
Artistic capabilities,
Arena of Invention,
Talent overflowing,with
Tasteful skills,
Imprints of Mastery,
Innovation up to brim,
Versatility blooming,with
Visible zest,
Endowment to owe,
Excelling in the domain..!!!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009 it an Adventure...??

Deep rooted in my heart,

lies a list of ventures,
years passed on,months crawled,
am still living with speculation,
with the advent of each day,
am offered a new jeopardy,
provocations to summon,&
challenges to deal with,
without these adventures,
life now seems to be a bore,
have become chronic to live with these odds,
have grown playing with these mysteries,
have learnt from my every adventure,
years to live for,
am going to carry my basket of ventures,
though,still rooted in my heart,
as a Gift from Life,
a defying bestowal,
which i honor with gratitude,
but at last a quest to be cracked,
What,If I say,
Life,itself is a basket of adventures..??

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