Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunken beyond the shore...

Royal cruise,
loaded with voyagers huge,
proposed with deluxe luxuries,
carrying the riches,
set for a journey wide,to sail.

was a masterpiece from,
worthy skillful architects,
tagged as largest floating craft
of the time,
bookmarked the history,
not because of powerful
strokes of engines used,
but due to the overwhelming
attack of mighty nature.

Yes, that fateful night of 1912,
came with a catastrophe to awe,
the fun, and frolic,and moods of merry,
chirpy delight of passengers all,
got shaken by a casual struck of an iceberg,
a single hit,led to an unworthy accident,
sinking vessel,rolled into an obscene disaster,
clutches of powerful nature,overrated the
labor and sweat of loyal engineers,
the huge body dumped into a wreckage,
tragedy,outrageous took the toll to thousands,
for centuries bound to remember,
the splendid and classic,Titanic,
swallowed off by the Atlantic...

PS: Linked to 3WW (accident,loyal,obscene)


Anonymous said...

dedication to the Titanic?! :)

nice nice! :D

ThomG said...

an interesting take on the prompt and nicely done.

Being Pramoda... said...

hi madhu,

thats very nice way to describe the lost lives and the titanic..

i loved it..:)

Jeeves said...

nice one. titanic memoirs

Amias said...

When I saw the the movie, I vowed to never get on a ship again ... it gave me nightmares.

A very good read.

Amity Me said...

have watched the movie so many times and what was so dramatic is when Rose was not aware that jack has frozen to death already and i did cry so hard on the part! a hanky was not enough to dry up my tears then got a headache after watching it!

Tumblewords: said...

Your poem shows well the tragedy of the Titanic. A reminder of the 'too big to fail' syndrome.

~willow~ said...

May the victims rest in peace.

MichaelO said...

A wonderful dedication. A titanic example of a vain self-deifying species wilting to the awesome power of nature.

manivannan said...

It's really a wonderful dedication madhu!

The words have just flown out of you, I guess....the poem is admirable :-)

Well done!

KParthasarathi said...

Brings before us the scenes that would have occured vividly.
Nicely written