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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Facebookism to Shopaholism!!!

Whether you are a billionaire, multimillionaire or a lay man, one activity to get intrigued with - 'shopaholism'. The sole thing to drive you crazy, and especially in this era where world has shrinked into a small web, we have been provided with the ease of online shopping, the ultimate divinity.
And when coming to celebs, how can we leave behind our very own, Mr. Zuckerberg who has created a revolution in the world of social networking. Yes, got a chance to catch up some chit-chats from Zuckerberg's life through a daily magazine and this time something apart from wall, posts, likes and signing the big Deals.
It was really nice to get a all together different glimpse of the man behind the Facebook.
Would like to mention a small portion over here.


Like every man Mr. Mark too has to deal with a series of complications, a list of tantrums and of course a few tit-bits as he owes a lady love in his life. Yes, am talking about his girlfriend. And when it comes to girl friend, even a small demand leaves you in a panic situation at times.
Very simple, it was their Date Anniversary approaching and the very thought of girl friend's list of expectations left Mark with goose bumps. What was the trick applied to gather help?? Any guesses??
An advise was asked via the question posted on Mark's page on Facebook and an assured prize to the best advisory. Wow, sounds a great deal. It seemed people a.k.a. fans turned in a huge number with n number of options and suggestions ranging from visiting the fashion stores to surfing different brands, but the creative one amongst the all has to win the heart. And on reading the idea, believe me I too stood spell bound. I know we all are much aware about online shopping and the flexibility it provides but really not sure how many of us have heard about the one great shopping site where all shopping sites and huge brands are clubbed under one umbrella granting enormous offers and guaranteed discounts. Truly amazing to learn, yes it was ''. The idea behind this great shopping website just influenced Mr. Zuckerberg and to add ice on the cake his shopping experience with Baggout left a craving in me to log on to the mesmerizing web page as if I have found my destiny. lol - what more a girl can demand for.
Coming back to Mark's shopping mania after he found this 'Baggout'. He could relate himself to one of those luckiest guys upon whom the Almighty showered the power of bliss and joy.
He found out the key to happiness for his girlfriend and had the strong gut feeling that he would be able to make his anniversary one of the finest and memorable. Yes, Baggout could provide that all what his list held. With no compromise in the brands and quality, and great offers and guaranteed returns with quick delivery options. Great in all sense. Mark, thus planned a hefty purchase from Baggout with a wide range from clothing to cosmetics to foot-wears, all set for huge pampering the lady love.
Also, he recommended the use of this ultimate website, especially to people who get stuck in the situation like his. The crisp and clear method for using 'Baggout' as explained by him just says it all.
Hats off to creators of this master piece  and Hats off to you Mr. Zuckerberg for illuminating us with this fine idea. Much Thanks!!!



PS: This Blog post is written for and is a work of pure fiction and imagination..

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Techie and Twist - I found the mantra..!!!

Shhhh... I have a news...Hold down your breath guys...Never expected this year end would turn out to be a super boon for flying high with excitement..after all I've discovered my latest love..Yes, that's correct. Any guesses. hmm.. let's play a mind game. Here I Go. Some visual exercise for you my friends.


Did I leave you clueless with all these clues??? Am I going crazy??? 
My mother certainly would go. God save me though!
What am I up to - Tablets, Yoga?? All my life I've been escaping with the mere haunt of these bitter-balls, yes that's what I've been calling them and yoga, i just love my bed and my sleep. My parents have put in endless efforts till date to pull me out for exercises, runs, gyms, but all in vain, I just love to laze. Now, I can very well imagine my parents all startled with astound.
Kicking off all suspense and eagerness , I'll disclose my love. After all my long await, patience and of course hard work has paid me off. I still remember the zeal with which I was engrossed with, sitting long non stop in front of my laptop,spending hours surfing through all websites during GOSF. Yes, the Great Online Shopping Festival. Finally Found the gizmo I've been longing for. 'Perfect' the word I stumbled, am still able to recall.Yes, finally am revealing out, it's none other than Yoga Tablet.
Am I still kidding you? God, am serious, yes the new Yoga Tab by Lenevo.
Yoga Tab, does it sound silly, well, to me it did when I encountered for the very first time.
A Tab which can do no.. A Tab which teaches you Yoga , that makes some sense. is it??
But, the name holds something within, will definitely incline you towards it, like it did  to me, and the more I went into researching it, the more interesting it seemed to me.
The features, the pictures, the reviews everything created a positive aura around. The feature you name, and this one is there to give you. Believe me. Have you ever heard a Tablet twisting around for you? Or, let's say a Tablet with which you can cross borders without any hassle.
The stupendous list of features just amazed me, breathlessly I scrolled through it, wanted to hold it tight at first sight.Being a Techie, I was  always dreamy about having cool gadgets, comforting and comprising of  features which were my endless desires. And all this had turned me into a fastidious whenever it comes in selecting such a gadget. But this time, Lenevo had beaten, it seems.
I just could not wait to pre order the unimaginable Yoga Tablet.
It could do for me all what I'd desired, I can sniff, and swirl with it , walk with it, talk with it, play with it, a true companion, a guide,I've got.
Some of it's unprecedented features includes -
  • It's unparalleled design- the Tablet mimics the looks of a magazine, unimaginable, isn't?
  • It's unique capability to be sustained into variety of ways.
  • The awesome touch with great responsiveness.
  • Immense Battery support- the primary criteria, we side out the gizmos, this one going to keep you happy.
The unique Yoga Tablet- it can stand, it can sit, it can twist , it can turn for you, just for you.
What else, I could ask for. Amazing. What a Better Way, to mark the end of the year and a super great start of the new year with my only Yoga Tablet.
Much Thanks, Lenevo. You definitely win customer satisfaction with this one with all the awesomeness it has to offer.

The above post has been written for Indiblogger and Lenovo’s contest: A Better Way . To know more about it, please do visit their facebook page at: LENEVO YOGA TABLET

Some glimpses to share :


Monday, March 18, 2013

My Monday Morning..!!!

A ray of  hope with gleaming sunshine
A vision to lit the lucent mission,
A dream in half naked eyes,
A desire to conceive,
A firm belief  to rise high,
Marks the onset of  my Monday morning!

The flowers ready to bloom,
The birds waiting to chirp,
The dew all set to melt,
All thrilled to welcome Monday morning!

The words unsaid,
The thoughts unread,
The riddles to resolve,
The puzzles to unlock,
The determination to leave back ashes ruthless,
The aspiration  to start afresh,
Filled with new Hopes and Expectations arrives my Monday morning!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Desire to achieve the 'S' Factor!!!

And here ends the week long wait. My plate of Brunch is just incomplete without the Sunday Brunch. For years, Brunch has been making my Brunch spicy with a tint of masala which I can't resist any more.
The Personal Agenda being most revered section of all, I quickly flipped the pages .Ah, here comes the celeb of the week, the beautified persona 'Piggy Chops'. The one thing you want to change in eyes went straight to the question number four. 'Hair', I heard my conscience speaking and you know this inner self  always speaks the truth, how bitter it may be. Yes, the very moment I think of my hair, I get submerged into the ocean of worry and fear.What not I've been doing in order to attain the 'S's. The shine,style,smoothness,silkiness,and to keep pace with this emerging fashion the biggest 'S' of all -Straightness.
What these girls do to their hair, what pious tonic they apply, I just keep on wondering.
Have been running from door to door, visiting all consultants from Mr. Habib to Ms. Luthra. Exhibiting a sincere attitude, have used  wide range of hair grooming material - shampoos, conditioners, masks, serum as per recommendation.But, my hair needs some magic wand to be rolled upon.
And, do you also think on similar lines like my mom ? She thinks that, I'm least bothered to care for my hair, according to her there are enough of natural remedies to be used in order to get the hair straightened and smoothen, and she is just hard to convince for any of these chemical oriented treatments,  as per her these are just meant to damage the nature's gift. Oh, to hell with this gift. Let me tell you, how much efforts I've put in for gaining the 'S' factor, and still all your tips and suggestions are most welcome, I beg of these.
I've tried the craziest and wierdest existing idea that has emerged into this brain factory, with complete help from the various sources I've known. But Alas, all my experiments turned out to be futile so far.
Have been a true Tech-savvy in this context, using all medium of techno networking available at glance, ranging from all sorts of electronic, digital to paper media.
The Internet being most reliable of all sources, gave me an endless list of remedies , going through each I dreamt of straight, smooth and silky hair, the perfection for which I've been longing for.
But, useless.I tell you, all these posts in 'Search' context are meant  to fool the innocent faces like me. Sigh..!
Not even a single known magazine I've left so far, It seems everything in this world can be summarized to3M - money making medium.

Our very own God- the Google who claims to know every single thing in this world, says- Honey - It works as wonder - the natural hair straightener. Apply honey to hair strands,leave it to dry, go for a hair wash and you'll be amazed by the results. Yes, you were true , results just left me surprised and shocked. All I was left was with glu on my hair, the stickiness took days to get off. huh!

 'Fasting and Yoga for straight long smooth hair'  read the Title of  the monthly edition of Nirogdham's article.Fasting for hair, sounds foolish, isn't it?

Me being a great foodie, fasting and me are just opposite poles, but when it comes to my hair how could I ignore this mantra.And exercise, am a big lazy bone, but hair, I want them as shiny and straight. The regime constituted living on a salt free,sugar less diet for a month, skipping a meal every Tuesday , and doing Headstands - an yoga posture - position lowering  head below your body--several times daily (15 minutes each time). I was filled with so much of enthusiasm that I continued the entire activity for 2 months, but sad, all mighty efforts in vein. Not in vein actually, as definitely it must have helped stimulating other parts of body.

Laying down in such a way that your hair fall on an iron table, and ironing the hair. This sounded a bit illogical but technically good idea. My mom came screaming with all force from the world, "Ironing your hair, gosh you are going to burn your head now". I know mom, this sounded little vague to me as well but this is all chemical free and with no cost associated and see I've started caring for my hair, I need to straighten them.But to an amateur like me, this one came with a little of straightening effect but not any of the other  'S' factors and even missing the quality of straightening I wished. Believe me, I've no guts to give it a try for the second time, requires a huge expertise to put the hot iron on your head.

Let your hair lose and do some jumping and hip-hopping. The air in the surrounding will make your hair go straight  leaving them silky as ever. Laughing out loud, don't remember from where I got this tip, but was worth a try. 

'What you eat is what you are' I quoted somewhere and have heard it holds true for your body and skin, then it should apply to your hair as well, I pondered. Noodles, the very next thing striked me, and to add to it my mind started picturing Chinese girls, how straight and smooth hair all of them have. God, I figured out the reason, there was no limit to my excitement. Noodles,noodles and noodles, how on the earth these china folks survive, munching noodles may or may not give noodles shape to my hair but led to a severe impact on my digestive tract.

And thus the list of my wacky experiments with my hair  goes on and on.
Of  lately , have heard that 'Sunsilk' who believes that 'Life can't wait' is about to come up with Hair straightening solution in order to end my wait. Fingers crossed, my last hope!!! Just waiting for the Sunsilk Expert Range to hit the Indian stores.
All I desire is the 'S' Factor. Am I really too demanding ??

Oh God please help me!

This Post was intended for Sunsilk 'The Straight hair Experiment Contest' on Indiblogger. , but some how I missed the deadline. Never-mind :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Risking---Mantra of Life!

Amidst the peaks and valleys,
Browsing through highs and lows of Life
craving for that very strike of success
the path is not as evident as it shows

duality it offers to chose
Risk is in which optimism you should owe
Fear never Ventures any
Learn to play with adventures

Feat and Defeat  should not be the reason to aback
for each has a substantial dominance
never reckoning to aftermath of regret and bruise
evolving with the tower of learning
in the end, you'll be the one
upholding the beacon of triumph..!

Monday, August 27, 2012

I live with your vision!

Sighting  through you,the world in whole
I've been living my years with you
Together we've seen the times and tides
the glory of shine and hue.

Since the days of my innocence  
you came in as spirit of togetherness
adding a magic to my vision,
just raising my perception
playing with you  as fancy,
treating you as a blessing,
as you became the essence of my survival,
attached to the tag of my identity.
have grown with you, owing you as a adored possession
for you,  i ought to have an obsession 
you gonna show me entire sphere,
you gonna bring hopes to my dreams and desires,
you gonna make my mission clear.

Thanks in plenty for being with me,
 promising to be my persistent part
for taking me on the ride to explore this universe,
for showing me mighty's  enchanting creation,
for making me live this life with your vision,
for you are my true companion,my dainty spectacles.!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Honor to Amity Me...

First of all,would like to thank you,for giving me such opportunity to be a part of your celebration.
It's a great pleasure for me. My Heartiest Congratulations to you...

AmityMe is one of my lovable blogger pal.Our friendship grew with a very short span of time, and it's really a matter of delight to know her as a writer.She's a lady of immense talent,a unique gloss can be felt in each of her write ups.She has been a true source of inspiration for me, A friend I see in her, who'll always be going to stand by me throughout my blog-journey.Thank you so much for your kind affection and warmth,you always bestow upon me.I owe a high esteem in you..Wish you loads of joys and success,May you achieve many more such milestones and we'll always be joining in your celebrations...God Bless you..!!!

A gem,I found,
Motivating with Insight Profound,
Instinct of Innovative
Thoughts,with Creative
Mushy at heart,with
Effervescence temperament..!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Picture Speaks..:)

Innocence personified
candid compassion
esteem rejoice
eternal bond
simply soothing..!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Donate Blood...Save Life...Make a Difference...!!!

Have you ever thought that you can help in saving a life. Yes, you can really be a saviour for someone counting breaths. Doesn't this sound something miraculous. Many of you must have been donating blood from time to time or as required. But I still feel we need to spread the awareness among the lot. This reminds me of a saying - 'Be a blood and organ donor. All it costs is a little love'. What if we can spread some kindness, which in turn can make a difference in some one's life. Believe me, the feeling is marvelous, a deed done totally out of generosity and goodness, for the welfare of others. I experienced the same recently, though for the very first time. Found that, have really missed something. Just reciprocating my feelings and perception over here. All you need to be hale and hearty, and must thank the mighty for blessing you with supreme health. Let's make an attempt to gift a life to some one who is solely striving for it.Believe me the feeling of giving is different within itself, so why deprived from such a benevolent act. Give a thought..:)
Stay Healthy. Save Life..!


Integral essence of day,
lying there quantum of letters read and unread
News from all spheres, morning messages , jokes to laugh ,
and information momentous it encloses
Bridging the gap between miles,
marking the tip and toe of a day
Ongoing action of composing and recieving,
running round the clock,checking from time to time
Xeroxing or scribbling, Creativity to compass,
articulating thoughts new , wait n hope keep it alive..!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Attempt to Make a Difference, A Desire to bring smile...

An Attempt to Make a Difference, A Desire to bring smile... Yes, this was the mere thought that drove me towards the program - 'U-CARE Friendship Program'. Much Thanks to my organization for giving me such a striking opportunity, a scope to enlighten few hearts , a chance to meet few kids from 'Vidya' - a NGO School. All it required is to charge those naive faces with the spark of confidence, with the wings of nourish their dreams , to up bring their desires..!
Every fortnight, how I urge to get an hour out of my monotonous work schedule, to meet those faces, to mentor those tiny tots. Can't express the smile they bear, the innocence they outburst with. It gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction, an sense of doing something, by putting in bare minimum efforts though. Believe me, these kids have enough in them, the talent to outburst, the only thing they need is to show them a ray of hope, an illusion of right direction.
To showcase, I've an instance. How the loud voiced ambitious learners demanded every one's attention , the words are still dancing in my head, enough they had to share about their experience, with us so far. Leaving behind the hesitation, each one could stand to address the class.
"I love this place. My knowledge has increased .I've learnt tenses, mmm gk, and states. My didi name is Madhu didi. She teach us very well. She makes sure we understand everything. never scolded us. I love to study."
Wow. I feel so glad to hear those words from one of the 6th grade trio of my group.Earning those words is superb, but trust me nothing I have done is out of the struggle, no sweat.
Anything you dislike about this place : "hmmm..yes 1 thing . (ceegrate peena.. what it is called ? ..smoking,I replied). When we came i saw few people near gate smoking. it looks very bad."
Just imagine, how sharp they are to sense the fact.
Can we say something to every one..the chorus blew up: "We wish you and your family a very happy Diwali. We love you all".
Lost was the stumbling and so was the shyness.

Love you little kids..!!!
Proud to be associated with you all..!!!
Keep going and God bless...!!!

All we need is to infuse more spirit and spread more smiles. To touch few hearts and to shower the kindness.To teach in few and to learn a lot. A minute effort to make a difference, an utmost desire to inspire some one dream high.

Let us come together and do something to Make some difference.
Reiterate the great words by Mahatma -
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Let us spread the aura of love and compassion all around.
Reminds me of lines by Hannah Moore
"Love never reasons but profusely gives; gives, like a thoughtless prodigal,
its all, and trembles lest it has done too little."

So, why not we can make a an effort to give something to our society , a bit of what we have achieved.A sense of giving is something that soothes us at the end of the day, isn't it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

SBT City Walk..An Experience to quote..!!!

Have you ever thought of walking down across the streets of Delhi and that too in an early hour of Sunday morning. Yes we were wide awake, to experience the break of dawn. The purpose was to cherish the rising dreams visible in the eyes of a young street boy, the dreams as vibrant as those city lanes he took us to. The walk was supposed to be led by the guide of the day -Ajay alias Max-as he loves to be called as. The journey started through the backstreets of Delhi, followed by his experiences, his attachment with the place as couple of his childhood years were spent on the same streets. What bought him there, how he'd spent his life , what odds he'd faced, how and what led to transformation in his life, were some tit-bits of instances being shared by him. So it was more of a walk towards the memory lane for him, 'Walking the past in the present'.
Ajay was one among those thousands who chose railway station as a mere shelter for them, having no clue of home or family. Drug addiction, starvation, pick-pocketing were something that came as part and parcel for Max during that period of life. As it's well said that 'every dog has it's day', there came a turning point in his life. His face shone with glitter of pride as he mentioned how SBT discovered him. Max continued by telling about his transformation from a drug addict then, to a chocolate lover now, from bullying around then to spending his hours in learning now. Yes, he is entirely transformed, a change leading to betterment of society, a change which could be felt. Ajay has a strong mission now, the power to chase his dreams. He has left behind his past and moving forward, not only earning today but studying and learning foreign languages as well, which was highly remarkable and solely motivating for us. A clear vision could be seen in his eyes when he told his dream to become a train driver, owing to his deep attachment for providing him roof. His deterministic attitude while sharing his future plan to go abroad for higher studies, is something worth mentioning. His words were an eye-opener for us, his story was a spark enough to ignite us. The way he expressed, the confidence he carried, the smile throughout on his face was enough to leave a strong imprint on everyone's heart.
Followed by few more streets, railway station of course, he took us to one of SBT's shelter homes for small children. It was an awful experience, seeing such small children over there, those innocent faces, all clueless and homeless, surely insisted us to think about the cruelty of life. It was a totally incomparable experience, spending some time with those 'bundle of joys' who splashed the aura with their talents.
SBT, you deserve an applause for restoring the world of childhood, taking them from a dark end towards the brightness of new learning, showing a ray of new hope.This is indeed a marvelous effort.!!!
P.S. - 'Salam Balak Trust' City Walk is a program that aims at making us aware about the street life through the stories of street children who'd lived their lives through these streets, and thus it's a unique way of providing an insight into the lives of these children and an opportunity for them to improve their communication and speaking skills.

Friday, December 31, 2010

HaPpY nEw YeAr..!!!

Siting and scribbling,
thinking of memories in swing,

waiting for hour new,

bidding the moment adieu,

ready to celebrate,

the happiness to felicitate.

the eve of joy an pleasure,
may bring contentment beyond measure,
along with anticipations to surpass,
new hopes to encompass,

opening doors to opportunities new,
experiences and achievements to grow.
gathering the memoirs of laughter,

to be cherished as a treasure,

thanks to people i got to know, old and new from all horizons,

to my life you added, different colors.

promising to stay tuned in pace,
this year may bring smiles on your face.
Wishing all wishes to be true,

pain and sorrow, be vanished in the year new.

Life to be lived with a zeal,

afresh and incredible may be the feel.

A very warm welcome to the year 2011.
Wish you all buddies a very happy, glorious, prosperous and rocking New Year.

May this year fill your lives with all joy and happiness, and gets you all you've been hoping for.


Monday, May 24, 2010


Drifting tip of toes
Aimless flow of moves
Numbers enchanting to hop
Carefree juggling of feet
Inching with rhythmic beat
Narrowing the distances apart
Glorious tunes to spark...

PS: Linked to AO

Friday, February 19, 2010


Inculcated morals
build upon trust,respect and integrity
Reflecting self, conscience speaking
Leading to a win in life's race..!!!

My sleep is what I miss..!!!

Couching on my velvet chair,
Feeling restless,lost elsewhere,
Amidst all snoring hiss,
My sleep is what I miss.

Shaping my castle of dreams,
Building my thoughts on themes,
Yearning to rise in bliss,
My sleep is what I miss.

Draining out the clutter from mind,
Thinking of words to bind,
Ignoring the airy kiss,
My Sleep is what I miss.

Silent night,wandering through the globe,
Wearing the gloomy robe,
Awful is this remiss,
My sleep is what I miss...!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Every strike on the door,

envisaged as a golden opportunity,

arriving from heaven's pathway,
adorning the alluring dreams,

enriching the glitter in vision,
demanding a strong seize..!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single Talks..:)

Wings of freedom,

embracing the leisure of loose,
grooving upon the solace,
enchanting with myself..!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday .... To me

Special lines for me from some special buddies :)


Madhu it's your day
A poet who answers all
Deeply is she loved
Honey is her name
Unique in every way.

Happy birthday friend.



Mystery lady
Always sweet
Down to earth
Honesty biggest asset
Understands self

Thank you so much!:):)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Turn a Blind Eye

rashed to survive
Unborn feeble life
Ripples of dreams
Naked all breached

Attacked to death

Blind, you beast
Lurking from law
Inhuman,you human
Nerd,provoking bane
Daughter is boon

Elicit all compassion
Yield her life
Escort to birth

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wintry Sparks..;)

Frosty Chill, and
Freezing shiver
Oh ,this winter severe,
is hard to beat.

Waves of quiver,
Thunder blast,and
cloudburst of rain,
wintry terror has
much to shower.

Cozy comfy blanket
to cuddle, and
hot sip to sup,
until this chilly breeze,
brisks away with drift.

Frozen hands,and stiff fingers,
couching words,losing trigger,
but my utmost desire,
giving them shape,
I wish to be a poetic sage..:)


ocal lingual expression
Often heard aloud
Immeasurable softness filled
Cracking at times
Ears to reach
Sound of self

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Give me some sunshine..Give me some Rain..Give me another chance,I wanna grow up Once Again..!!!

The world around is peacefully snoring, and me non stop listening to this number (don't have a count though),because just thoughts don't let me go.A bit aloof, somewhat distressed, restless, losing patience,posing temper, god, isn't it too much of negative vibes surrounding, do these really define me?? I wasn't like this ever,believe me. But, then what is causing this all of a sudden, or it's a gradual effect.Whatever.. But, the main concern is why, the life is seeming so off track, or is it me only moving in the wrong direction. We dream big, even work for them, but are we able to meet our dreams.We think high, but are those positive thoughts radiated back? Trying my hard to power my thoughts, but is it a worthy task, having a control over our mind? I feel, one single wish if granted, one single direction if shown, one single chance if given, I'll be what life desires from me.But, then when will I get that chance or rather how can I get it? You may say, by putting endless efforts, and labor, but even then,is a right direction not needed? A focus should be there, but the area to focus should be one's priority, isn't it? Am, totally lost in this song, trying to subdue my emotions, but still want to ask you, do life offer us another chance, can we get an opportunity to amend our mistakes, what if I realize it now, What if I wish to start again, Is there some one to show me new direction, will I be able to knock any opportunity? Is this song reflecting a part of my life, do I need another chance, do I wish to grow again, do I wish to live life on my own terms,Well, considering the scenario right at the moment it's showing a positive sign.But then, again huge list of when,how ,where quenches me.I wish,it's just a passing phase, and I might get back soon, discovering my answers, moving with a firm pace,living my Life..Hope, He is having an eye over my thoughts, after all He has to listen..!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Maa Tujhe Salaam..!!!

Heyy friends..I know, you must be sensing the presence of my absence, After a long time,I'm returning,and I've a list of excuses for that.Living with a state of mind, entirely bewildered, and longing for something righteous to happen.Losing clutch on my obsession, is something which is really bothering me at the moment.Amidst all this, a sincere thanks goes to few of my friends for always raising my spirits, just love the quality moments spent with you.I've been wasting my time over some silly social networking amusements,now I'll try to stay away before the addiction hits me.Last but not least,the freezing winters am living in, do play some role in drifting me away from my space, just lazying around in the chill, ample to learn from the people around, but i fail.In this shivery season, where frost seems to be at it's peak,I see one person running around just for the sake of her family.Before, the dawn breaks, she can be noticed commencing the habitual routine, as if matching the pace with the tick of clock.Dedicating the whole of her life in just serving us, meeting our endless demands.A question, strikes me here, does the winter chill don't bites her, can't she lay off with any excuse, but still my self loves to be so reluctant, i feel helpless.Devoting, the huge percentage of the day in standing in front of the stove, serving with varieties, innumerable and the unmatched delicacy, without expecting a word of praise. A bit of vex in my life,and I can feel the crease of tense and worry burdening her, what shall I pay for this admiring concern? Whenever.I'd been in any suffering, a healing hand I've always felt near me, A soft caress,I've never missed, but what about her ailments, she never grumbled,or I was least concerned. A Life of compromises engrossed with adjustments, facing and sacrificing at every step, is it so easy to live?Whatever dearth, she is in, she could never let you feel any scarcity, always have seen her showering the oceans of love and care.A quest soars often in my mind, if God has created her merely for meeting our demands, listen to all our whines, without a single ray of rage, encasing always with the warmth of her cuddle.Yes,that's a mother, a sanctified lady indeed. An impassive soul like me can draw such emotions, but all in vague, What minute efforts do I make, to meet her unsaid expectations? A heartiest salute, to my mother, her unconditional love is beyond any expression,Describing your supportive and understanding nature is virtually impossible.Thanks for making me Me, for courage to face the world, for lessons I've learnt from you and still have in abundance to learn.Again,I salute you..!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year..:)

ew start
Earnestly awaited
Warmly welcomed

Yesteryear bygone
Embracing changes
Abiding resolutions
Rising hopes

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Realistic Approach
Exposing Practicality
Actual Existence
Literal Being
Implicit Inference
Truth Acceptance
Yielding Veracity

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year..!!! all set to enter another year..?? A new year, or just another day, with what to honor it, is basically my dilemma, this time..but why am I in such a disoriented state of mind..? Hankering around for a vision, running for a purpose, my brain is just not enough for accumulating all those hefty thoughts, just awaiting to drain them out ,don't want to be preoccupied by any such thoughts and feelings..When, the people around are busy in celebrations, with full enthusiasm in welcoming the new year, am couching without any excitement, as if it would be just another passing day.When I look back, I could feel many arrears, logged into my account, I wish,I could take the life,the other way around, but as we all know, Life is not about looking back,instead Life is all about moving ahead , and as far change is concerned, yes, it begins from self, rather to blame the world around.Sometimes, I feel, if I could have a catch hold on the eloping time, but even that is next to impossible, so I really need to work for my perception, with confidence and an attitude of optimism, yes, this is what I've learnt from a life changing book, but ironically, not able to implement.but, yeah, am going to try this out, better late than never..and I just dream to reach my aspirations following the right direction.This is all, I need to perceive.So,just need to see,where I land up..My dear friends,hope,I've note bored you much with my thought factory.:) can I forget to Wish you all a very bright and joy filled Happy New Year.May the year ahead, mark it's prior importance in your lives.So,here,Wishing that you all might have a rocking year ahead..Happy 2010..!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Wish to Fly High..:)

Take me out of

this gloomy sphere,
to hit the endless desires.
With the Wings of Wanderlust,
Want to fly high.
Wish,I could touch the sky.
My vigor speaks,
Yearning for the taste of freedom.
With the charismatic Wanderlust,
Want to crack the New Horizons.
Unbound destination,to compass,
Limitless miles to reach,
Want to leave behind,every
crease of vex,
Want to feel the breathe of air,
Take me in the wide open aura,
Before my alluring Wanderlust dies..!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dresed To Kill...

raped in ethnic robe,
Ramping in contest royal,
Embellishing trend,in fashion,
Sequin studded satin attire,
Shining in glamor world,
Embroidered with silver spark,
Dazzling beauty,captivating stare.

Tip to toe with,
Ornaments to accessorize.

Killer looks,with
Intriguing blaze of charm,
Looks of angel divine,
Lustrous beauty, Lady next-door...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shades of Beauty...:)

liss of
Treasure to

Beauty is born when,
Heart touches the soul,and
Dream chases the reality...

Beauty is hidden in self,
Beauty is embedded in thoughts,
Beauty is to be discovered...

Beauty of a poem glows with words,
Beauty of music is with rhythm
Beauty of painting is stroke,
Beauty of art is in creation...

Beauty of Child is,
captured by Innocence,
Innocence roiling from eyes,
wrapped with smile,
Stealing the heart,and
Encasing the beauty with spark...

Beauty of Nature lies in,
              Garden of flowers,
              blooming in colors,
spring with showers,
fluttering leaves,and
chirping birds.
   Sea is beautified by waves,and
Clouds by rain,
Sky is lured by shine of sun,
twinkle of stars,and glitter of moon...

Beauty of Man is with,
his deeds and words,
his thoughts and actions.

Beauty lies in vision,Beauty lies in expression,
Beauty is to feel,Beauty is to see...

Beauty pacifies the joys, Beauty entraps the love,
Beauty is in God,Beauty is divine,
Beauty is here,Beauty is everywhere..!!!

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Friday, November 20, 2009


Intellectual pundit,
agnifying the art with,

otpourri of

hythmic Rhymes,

On this sublime

roficiency befalling with,

ossed off

nscripted amazement..!!!


igh in Sky
Holy kingdom of
Heavenly Stars

Eternity in bliss
Everyone's dream
Eden Paradise

Abode of
Angels and fairies
Amidst cosmic space

Visible radiance
Virtuous spirit
Vision of Strength

Ethereal deity
Enlightenment of life
Euphoria of joys

Nirvana from sins
Noble desire
New world waiting..!!!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunken beyond the shore...

Royal cruise,
loaded with voyagers huge,
proposed with deluxe luxuries,
carrying the riches,
set for a journey wide,to sail.

was a masterpiece from,
worthy skillful architects,
tagged as largest floating craft
of the time,
bookmarked the history,
not because of powerful
strokes of engines used,
but due to the overwhelming
attack of mighty nature.

Yes, that fateful night of 1912,
came with a catastrophe to awe,
the fun, and frolic,and moods of merry,
chirpy delight of passengers all,
got shaken by a casual struck of an iceberg,
a single hit,led to an unworthy accident,
sinking vessel,rolled into an obscene disaster,
clutches of powerful nature,overrated the
labor and sweat of loyal engineers,
the huge body dumped into a wreckage,
tragedy,outrageous took the toll to thousands,
for centuries bound to remember,
the splendid and classic,Titanic,
swallowed off by the Atlantic...

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dab Hand...



Beating Brilliance

Hands gripped with

Arch of pen

Novel imagery

Drafted with intent..!!!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starry Revival..:)

Shining jewels in the gloomy sky,

Countless, they seem as a beam,
I gaze them with a glare,
My angels with a gloss of twinkle,
Beholding my dreams,
Upcasting my wish,
My sacred gems, grant me in swift,
entrusting you I unlax my eyes,
but with a glimpse of sight,
the chilly dawn takes you in abate,
clasp the dream to,I wake with a gust,
crushed,I am to see you all lost,
left with a wait,staring the cloudy haze,
with fingers crossed and breath tight,
Awe..I saw them, one,two and all,
am flushed with a ray of hope,
entrapped in rejuvenation of desires,
it's a starry revival, a fresh reincarnation,
a new awakening with more shine,
upholding my dreams, they glow in replete,
Shining in the Castle with streaks..!!!