Sunday, July 6, 2014

Facebookism to Shopaholism!!!

Whether you are a billionaire, multimillionaire or a lay man, one activity to get intrigued with - 'shopaholism'. The sole thing to drive you crazy, and especially in this era where world has shrinked into a small web, we have been provided with the ease of online shopping, the ultimate divinity.
And when coming to celebs, how can we leave behind our very own, Mr. Zuckerberg who has created a revolution in the world of social networking. Yes, got a chance to catch up some chit-chats from Zuckerberg's life through a daily magazine and this time something apart from wall, posts, likes and signing the big Deals.
It was really nice to get a all together different glimpse of the man behind the Facebook.
Would like to mention a small portion over here.


Like every man Mr. Mark too has to deal with a series of complications, a list of tantrums and of course a few tit-bits as he owes a lady love in his life. Yes, am talking about his girlfriend. And when it comes to girl friend, even a small demand leaves you in a panic situation at times.
Very simple, it was their Date Anniversary approaching and the very thought of girl friend's list of expectations left Mark with goose bumps. What was the trick applied to gather help?? Any guesses??
An advise was asked via the question posted on Mark's page on Facebook and an assured prize to the best advisory. Wow, sounds a great deal. It seemed people a.k.a. fans turned in a huge number with n number of options and suggestions ranging from visiting the fashion stores to surfing different brands, but the creative one amongst the all has to win the heart. And on reading the idea, believe me I too stood spell bound. I know we all are much aware about online shopping and the flexibility it provides but really not sure how many of us have heard about the one great shopping site where all shopping sites and huge brands are clubbed under one umbrella granting enormous offers and guaranteed discounts. Truly amazing to learn, yes it was ''. The idea behind this great shopping website just influenced Mr. Zuckerberg and to add ice on the cake his shopping experience with Baggout left a craving in me to log on to the mesmerizing web page as if I have found my destiny. lol - what more a girl can demand for.
Coming back to Mark's shopping mania after he found this 'Baggout'. He could relate himself to one of those luckiest guys upon whom the Almighty showered the power of bliss and joy.
He found out the key to happiness for his girlfriend and had the strong gut feeling that he would be able to make his anniversary one of the finest and memorable. Yes, Baggout could provide that all what his list held. With no compromise in the brands and quality, and great offers and guaranteed returns with quick delivery options. Great in all sense. Mark, thus planned a hefty purchase from Baggout with a wide range from clothing to cosmetics to foot-wears, all set for huge pampering the lady love.
Also, he recommended the use of this ultimate website, especially to people who get stuck in the situation like his. The crisp and clear method for using 'Baggout' as explained by him just says it all.
Hats off to creators of this master piece  and Hats off to you Mr. Zuckerberg for illuminating us with this fine idea. Much Thanks!!!



PS: This Blog post is written for and is a work of pure fiction and imagination..

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