Friday, September 25, 2009

Unshaped Thoughts...Directionless Life...

Thoughts lay in my head,

entangled like cobweb,
utmost desire,to shape them,
alas, I lack.
Twist of musing,

I ramble in sigh, after
fleeting perception,
Lying in absurdity,
veiling the concreteness,
with the shield of illusion,
Heading to the unknown track,
in pursuit of cognizance,
in search of my light house,
for a ray of guidance,
chasing the road to destination,
hidden in obscurity,
reaching the goals,
which are concealed,
slumbering,I lay,getting insane,
with perplexed emotions,
befalling the death of a soul,
Drooping without strength,
soliciting my purpose,

in this aimless life..!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Passion Flower..:)

Pious poignancy,
rresting appearance,

timulant soothing,

turdy stem,

ntricately beautiful,

rchid petals,

ectar delicacy..

ragrance blossom,

avender legend,

rnamental allure,

earing filaments,

xotic instinct,

omantic passion...

PS : This one is written for AO's contest.Passion flower is a native of US.
more info
can be found by clicking here..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hands, laboring in soil in billions,
A must to satisfy hunger of millions.

Rainy splash,eagerly awaited,

Venture it is,risky and stimulated.

Embracing the land with quenching thirst,
Sowing seeds under scorching sun.

Tiny crops of rice and wheat,

Instilled with inputs of sweat.

Nurturing cultivation,on sand,

Gold harvesting,thou land...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beginning of the Dawn..:)

Frosty breeze with misty blows,
chirping birds causing echoes.

melting dew into crystal of bay,

blossoming petals in garden of hay.

fading moon with twilight,

rising sun with glimpse of rays bright.

hovering over is purple haze,

welcoming the dawn,which has beauty to amaze,

magnifying joy with a new message -

Nayi Dishayen,nayi umangein,naya sawera,
har pal hai kuch kah raha,

Jaago Jaago ho raha hai sawera...:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mighty Teachers..!!!

rue Mentor, true guide,
Enlightening millions of minds,
Awakening the generations coming,
Chasing them,u'll be for knowledge exploring,
Humanity serving,being a great mission,
Educating the world with a wide vision,
Respect is what they owe in generosity,
Shaping the future of every child with luminosity...!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MY Blog Journey...Silver Celebration..:)

heyy...can u beleive..dis one wuld be my 25th post..My God, my blog gonna be 25 posts old..I know its not any big number for u nd I might sound wierd, but for me it's hard to beleive,coz I culd never imagine myself as a's all just coz of u's jus coz of your motivation n support, m njoying my journey in this world of blogs..its coz of u frnds, who inspire me to pen those's all coz of ur valuable comments, ur precious time.. So, my dear friends, u all r vry special to me nd deserve a big-big Thanks...!!!..the biggest one...:) thnx for all ur appreciations...for the knowledge I gained from u...for the idea of imagination I learnt from u...for every moment related to dis blog is so refreshing, which I always gonna, frnds once again I thank u all for every sharing nd always showing ur great presense..a bundle of thanks to all u grateful people..nd wish u'll always be there bestowing ur love nd support...So, now I feel, dis all calls for a celebration..small atleast..what say..??? Here,I'm dedicating dis piece to my lovely Blog..You rock my blog..luvvv uuuu...:)

In u,I find jest of my life,
where I shed my thoughts with rife.
To u, I've become addictive,

on blogging,I always wanna be active.

Adoring u with galore,

has become my passion.

Scrolling up & down,reckless,

till the count goes endless.

Pouring immense of thoughts nd poetry of forms,

for u're the bestest of platforms.
For each time I read my posts,

I find them just newly host.

You gifted me with friends special,

whose encouragement nd support makes me able.

Sharing with them, I'm growing as a writer,

exploring them, by being an ideal reader.

A wish I make for u,

for u be loaded with posts always new.
May,my pen's grip be clenched,
may,words be spilled like ocean always drenched.

May,my friends dear,

on reading me,always bloom with chear..!!!

dis is a take home gift for all of u..a bundle of joy for my dear frnds, hope u'll accept it..thnx a ton once again..!!! Keep going..!!!


Winding with hop,
Irken to stop.
Grasping the attention,
Wandering in motion.
Ample of bugs jerking,
Ghost driven insist dancing...

Shades of Shadow...

reveals self

always closer

visualized as dark

reflected image

haunting always
trails forever

-Looming Phantom-

forever trails

always haunting
image reflected

dark as visualized

closer always

self reveals


Diamond of Friendship..:)





PS : dis is what called 'Diamante' style of poetry..formed in diamond shape..can learn more about it by clicking here..hope, u like it..!!!