Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hands, laboring in soil in billions,
A must to satisfy hunger of millions.

Rainy splash,eagerly awaited,

Venture it is,risky and stimulated.

Embracing the land with quenching thirst,
Sowing seeds under scorching sun.

Tiny crops of rice and wheat,

Instilled with inputs of sweat.

Nurturing cultivation,on sand,

Gold harvesting,thou land...


Creativity!! said...

Dear, Excellent Most Beautiful Dedication To Farmers :D :) Thanks A Zillion For Sharing :D :)

Leo said...

very well written! :)

nice rhyme in the acrostic too..

KParthasarathi said...

Beautifully written and the concept is novel.Keep writing more

Amias said...

Simply beautiful. I so enjoyed this -- very creative.

Mads... said...

@Creativity..thks a lot Sahana..:)

@Leo..thnku so much fr stopping by nd ur luvly cum again..!!!

@KP..heyy, thnku so vry much..thnx fr everythin..:)

@Amias..thnks..u liked it..:)