Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MY Blog Journey...Silver Celebration..:)

heyy...can u beleive..dis one wuld be my 25th post..My God, my blog gonna be 25 posts old..I know its not any big number for u nd I might sound wierd, but for me it's hard to beleive,coz I culd never imagine myself as a's all just coz of u's jus coz of your motivation n support, m njoying my journey in this world of blogs..its coz of u frnds, who inspire me to pen those's all coz of ur valuable comments, ur precious time.. So, my dear friends, u all r vry special to me nd deserve a big-big Thanks...!!!..the biggest one...:) thnx for all ur appreciations...for the knowledge I gained from u...for the idea of imagination I learnt from u...for every moment related to dis blog is so refreshing, which I always gonna, frnds once again I thank u all for every sharing nd always showing ur great presense..a bundle of thanks to all u grateful people..nd wish u'll always be there bestowing ur love nd support...So, now I feel, dis all calls for a celebration..small atleast..what say..??? Here,I'm dedicating dis piece to my lovely Blog..You rock my blog..luvvv uuuu...:)

In u,I find jest of my life,
where I shed my thoughts with rife.
To u, I've become addictive,

on blogging,I always wanna be active.

Adoring u with galore,

has become my passion.

Scrolling up & down,reckless,

till the count goes endless.

Pouring immense of thoughts nd poetry of forms,

for u're the bestest of platforms.
For each time I read my posts,

I find them just newly host.

You gifted me with friends special,

whose encouragement nd support makes me able.

Sharing with them, I'm growing as a writer,

exploring them, by being an ideal reader.

A wish I make for u,

for u be loaded with posts always new.
May,my pen's grip be clenched,
may,words be spilled like ocean always drenched.

May,my friends dear,

on reading me,always bloom with chear..!!!

dis is a take home gift for all of u..a bundle of joy for my dear frnds, hope u'll accept it..thnx a ton once again..!!! Keep going..!!!


Creativity!! said...

Woww Dear :D So Great Excellent Achievement :D Hearty Congratulations On Your Silver Jubilee, 25th Post :D

Dear, Excellent Poem..A Beautiful Dedication To Your Blog & Immense Pleasure Of Happiness To Your Readers :D

Dear, Readers Comments, Motivate Us A Lot, As You Said :D

Wish You All The Very Best Success :D Come Up With Many More Moreee Posts :D

Thanks For The Gift :D Your Gift Is Accepted :) :) :) :) :) :)

Cheers :D

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey..u deserve a celebration :)
All thevery best for ur success..:)

I will wait to read many more from you..:)

Keep expressing!!