Monday, October 29, 2012

Risking---Mantra of Life!

Amidst the peaks and valleys,
Browsing through highs and lows of Life
craving for that very strike of success
the path is not as evident as it shows

duality it offers to chose
Risk is in which optimism you should owe
Fear never Ventures any
Learn to play with adventures

Feat and Defeat  should not be the reason to aback
for each has a substantial dominance
never reckoning to aftermath of regret and bruise
evolving with the tower of learning
in the end, you'll be the one
upholding the beacon of triumph..!

Monday, August 27, 2012

I live with your vision!

Sighting  through you,the world in whole
I've been living my years with you
Together we've seen the times and tides
the glory of shine and hue.

Since the days of my innocence  
you came in as spirit of togetherness
adding a magic to my vision,
just raising my perception
playing with you  as fancy,
treating you as a blessing,
as you became the essence of my survival,
attached to the tag of my identity.
have grown with you, owing you as a adored possession
for you,  i ought to have an obsession 
you gonna show me entire sphere,
you gonna bring hopes to my dreams and desires,
you gonna make my mission clear.

Thanks in plenty for being with me,
 promising to be my persistent part
for taking me on the ride to explore this universe,
for showing me mighty's  enchanting creation,
for making me live this life with your vision,
for you are my true companion,my dainty spectacles.!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Honor to Amity Me...

First of all,would like to thank you,for giving me such opportunity to be a part of your celebration.
It's a great pleasure for me. My Heartiest Congratulations to you...

AmityMe is one of my lovable blogger pal.Our friendship grew with a very short span of time, and it's really a matter of delight to know her as a writer.She's a lady of immense talent,a unique gloss can be felt in each of her write ups.She has been a true source of inspiration for me, A friend I see in her, who'll always be going to stand by me throughout my blog-journey.Thank you so much for your kind affection and warmth,you always bestow upon me.I owe a high esteem in you..Wish you loads of joys and success,May you achieve many more such milestones and we'll always be joining in your celebrations...God Bless you..!!!

A gem,I found,
Motivating with Insight Profound,
Instinct of Innovative
Thoughts,with Creative
Mushy at heart,with
Effervescence temperament..!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Picture Speaks..:)

Innocence personified
candid compassion
esteem rejoice
eternal bond
simply soothing..!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Donate Blood...Save Life...Make a Difference...!!!

Have you ever thought that you can help in saving a life. Yes, you can really be a saviour for someone counting breaths. Doesn't this sound something miraculous. Many of you must have been donating blood from time to time or as required. But I still feel we need to spread the awareness among the lot. This reminds me of a saying - 'Be a blood and organ donor. All it costs is a little love'. What if we can spread some kindness, which in turn can make a difference in some one's life. Believe me, the feeling is marvelous, a deed done totally out of generosity and goodness, for the welfare of others. I experienced the same recently, though for the very first time. Found that, have really missed something. Just reciprocating my feelings and perception over here. All you need to be hale and hearty, and must thank the mighty for blessing you with supreme health. Let's make an attempt to gift a life to some one who is solely striving for it.Believe me the feeling of giving is different within itself, so why deprived from such a benevolent act. Give a thought..:)
Stay Healthy. Save Life..!


Integral essence of day,
lying there quantum of letters read and unread
News from all spheres, morning messages , jokes to laugh ,
and information momentous it encloses
Bridging the gap between miles,
marking the tip and toe of a day
Ongoing action of composing and recieving,
running round the clock,checking from time to time
Xeroxing or scribbling, Creativity to compass,
articulating thoughts new , wait n hope keep it alive..!