Monday, April 2, 2012


Integral essence of day,
lying there quantum of letters read and unread
News from all spheres, morning messages , jokes to laugh ,
and information momentous it encloses
Bridging the gap between miles,
marking the tip and toe of a day
Ongoing action of composing and recieving,
running round the clock,checking from time to time
Xeroxing or scribbling, Creativity to compass,
articulating thoughts new , wait n hope keep it alive..!


Anonymous said...

yep. you have the inbox down written so lovely.

KParthasarathi said...

Nice one.Glad you are back after a long time

Amity said...

Hi Madhu....
I am really surprised to see you go back me, I was on break for quite a time....:)

Happy to see you again, what with your thoughts on inbox...:)

MIssing you much :)



The Solitary Writer said...

acrostics na..
good one re... penned it well...

Jim said...

Love your acrostic, Mads. :) It'soooo descriptive yet hold the reader to see what is coming next.
P.S. In a similar vein yours relates to a happy occurrence while mine tells of a common dilemma and fixes.

Mads... said...

@ Amity..Heyy..thnx so much..yes i so wanna b back....miss this space..miss u all..luv n hugs to!

@KP uncle..Heyy thnk u so much..regards to you..hope u've been doing!

@Ste..Thnx yr..!

@Paige..Thank you..!

@Jim..Much thnx..will surely visit yrs..:)

Harshad mehta said...

Yes it is inbox that bridges the gap of miles! well put here.