Monday, August 27, 2012

I live with your vision!

Sighting  through you,the world in whole
I've been living my years with you
Together we've seen the times and tides
the glory of shine and hue.

Since the days of my innocence  
you came in as spirit of togetherness
adding a magic to my vision,
just raising my perception
playing with you  as fancy,
treating you as a blessing,
as you became the essence of my survival,
attached to the tag of my identity.
have grown with you, owing you as a adored possession
for you,  i ought to have an obsession 
you gonna show me entire sphere,
you gonna bring hopes to my dreams and desires,
you gonna make my mission clear.

Thanks in plenty for being with me,
 promising to be my persistent part
for taking me on the ride to explore this universe,
for showing me mighty's  enchanting creation,
for making me live this life with your vision,
for you are my true companion,my dainty spectacles.!