Monday, April 2, 2012

Donate Blood...Save Life...Make a Difference...!!!

Have you ever thought that you can help in saving a life. Yes, you can really be a saviour for someone counting breaths. Doesn't this sound something miraculous. Many of you must have been donating blood from time to time or as required. But I still feel we need to spread the awareness among the lot. This reminds me of a saying - 'Be a blood and organ donor. All it costs is a little love'. What if we can spread some kindness, which in turn can make a difference in some one's life. Believe me, the feeling is marvelous, a deed done totally out of generosity and goodness, for the welfare of others. I experienced the same recently, though for the very first time. Found that, have really missed something. Just reciprocating my feelings and perception over here. All you need to be hale and hearty, and must thank the mighty for blessing you with supreme health. Let's make an attempt to gift a life to some one who is solely striving for it.Believe me the feeling of giving is different within itself, so why deprived from such a benevolent act. Give a thought..:)
Stay Healthy. Save Life..!


Integral essence of day,
lying there quantum of letters read and unread
News from all spheres, morning messages , jokes to laugh ,
and information momentous it encloses
Bridging the gap between miles,
marking the tip and toe of a day
Ongoing action of composing and recieving,
running round the clock,checking from time to time
Xeroxing or scribbling, Creativity to compass,
articulating thoughts new , wait n hope keep it alive..!