Friday, September 25, 2009

Unshaped Thoughts...Directionless Life...

Thoughts lay in my head,

entangled like cobweb,
utmost desire,to shape them,
alas, I lack.
Twist of musing,

I ramble in sigh, after
fleeting perception,
Lying in absurdity,
veiling the concreteness,
with the shield of illusion,
Heading to the unknown track,
in pursuit of cognizance,
in search of my light house,
for a ray of guidance,
chasing the road to destination,
hidden in obscurity,
reaching the goals,
which are concealed,
slumbering,I lay,getting insane,
with perplexed emotions,
befalling the death of a soul,
Drooping without strength,
soliciting my purpose,

in this aimless life..!!!


Amity Me said... seemed meaningless, when we are into an abyss of disappointments and unhappiness caused by insensitive loved ones, people whom you thought all the way that you will love and respect but have failed you in your expectations of them...

it hurts and we don't know how to pick up the shattered pieces caused by them, but life is made up of such spices, emotions that keep us sane but hurts so much....

i am at a point of giving up so many things that i love doing in my life (blogging is one) because they just can't understand our world...

when can they really understand us?

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Madhuuu.. hw ru ??/

happy christmas..:)
Liked your poem..:)..and loved the pic especially... very nice and keep it up..:)

Anonymous said...

hey, i love this.. esp the opening tercet.. its well written Maddy! :D