Thursday, December 19, 2013

Techie and Twist - I found the mantra..!!!

Shhhh... I have a news...Hold down your breath guys...Never expected this year end would turn out to be a super boon for flying high with excitement..after all I've discovered my latest love..Yes, that's correct. Any guesses. hmm.. let's play a mind game. Here I Go. Some visual exercise for you my friends.


Did I leave you clueless with all these clues??? Am I going crazy??? 
My mother certainly would go. God save me though!
What am I up to - Tablets, Yoga?? All my life I've been escaping with the mere haunt of these bitter-balls, yes that's what I've been calling them and yoga, i just love my bed and my sleep. My parents have put in endless efforts till date to pull me out for exercises, runs, gyms, but all in vain, I just love to laze. Now, I can very well imagine my parents all startled with astound.
Kicking off all suspense and eagerness , I'll disclose my love. After all my long await, patience and of course hard work has paid me off. I still remember the zeal with which I was engrossed with, sitting long non stop in front of my laptop,spending hours surfing through all websites during GOSF. Yes, the Great Online Shopping Festival. Finally Found the gizmo I've been longing for. 'Perfect' the word I stumbled, am still able to recall.Yes, finally am revealing out, it's none other than Yoga Tablet.
Am I still kidding you? God, am serious, yes the new Yoga Tab by Lenevo.
Yoga Tab, does it sound silly, well, to me it did when I encountered for the very first time.
A Tab which can do no.. A Tab which teaches you Yoga , that makes some sense. is it??
But, the name holds something within, will definitely incline you towards it, like it did  to me, and the more I went into researching it, the more interesting it seemed to me.
The features, the pictures, the reviews everything created a positive aura around. The feature you name, and this one is there to give you. Believe me. Have you ever heard a Tablet twisting around for you? Or, let's say a Tablet with which you can cross borders without any hassle.
The stupendous list of features just amazed me, breathlessly I scrolled through it, wanted to hold it tight at first sight.Being a Techie, I was  always dreamy about having cool gadgets, comforting and comprising of  features which were my endless desires. And all this had turned me into a fastidious whenever it comes in selecting such a gadget. But this time, Lenevo had beaten, it seems.
I just could not wait to pre order the unimaginable Yoga Tablet.
It could do for me all what I'd desired, I can sniff, and swirl with it , walk with it, talk with it, play with it, a true companion, a guide,I've got.
Some of it's unprecedented features includes -
  • It's unparalleled design- the Tablet mimics the looks of a magazine, unimaginable, isn't?
  • It's unique capability to be sustained into variety of ways.
  • The awesome touch with great responsiveness.
  • Immense Battery support- the primary criteria, we side out the gizmos, this one going to keep you happy.
The unique Yoga Tablet- it can stand, it can sit, it can twist , it can turn for you, just for you.
What else, I could ask for. Amazing. What a Better Way, to mark the end of the year and a super great start of the new year with my only Yoga Tablet.
Much Thanks, Lenevo. You definitely win customer satisfaction with this one with all the awesomeness it has to offer.

The above post has been written for Indiblogger and Lenovo’s contest: A Better Way . To know more about it, please do visit their facebook page at: LENEVO YOGA TABLET

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