Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain of Love..Rain of Sorrow...

The pouring drizzle,as I see,
Tranquil time,turning the hailing clouds,
into splash of shower,
sensational spree, Oh..I love,
am thrilled with soothing calm,
Beating the sorrows,
Refining the pains,
It's the Rain of love, Rain of joy...
Alas, I rue at the sight,
The Rain of love for me,
is of sorrow for the meager slum boy,
Driven in melancholy,we,
millions are there in the plight,
The errant child in me,relishes
to dance in down pouring shower,
poor he, there hankers for shelter,
running for a roof of shield,
abandoned by his murky life,
left with a cry of strife...
This is the Rain of daze,with
Stains of Sorrows ,and Drains of Love...

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Anonymous said...

very nice words! :)

good picturization.. rain of daze, stain of sorrow, drain of love!

one of ur better write-ups i feel! :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Cute pic and lovelyy poem madhu..:)

manivannan said...


Loved the way you've poured out ur feelings madhu....superb! Also, enjoyed ur carfeully chosen words :-)

But it's we who have coloured the rain, isn't it??

Tumblewords: said...

Very nice! Well chosen words.

Amity Me said...

always loved the rain, especially those shower-like raindrops, wish i could again play in the rain like i was when yet a child...:)

rainshowers sound romantic to me, too. i've written one poem about it, sometime in sept or nov...:)

i pictured there how i loved it...:)

so when i read poems about the rain, i would always feel melancholic eh!!!

good morning Maddy!

Creativity!! said...

Fabulous Poetry Dear :) :) :) :) :)

KParthasarathi said...

Touching lines
The errant child in me,relishes
to dance in down pouring shower
poor he, there hankers for shelter,
running for a roof of shield,

It is beautifully written,Madhu

anupama said...

Dear Madhu,
Good Morning!Happy Children's Day!i loved the picture of kids!
dear,I love showers and I have written many posts on rains.I feel romantic enjoying the raindrops,the pitter patter sounds that they make falling on leaves.But I used to forget the plight,the fear of the downtrodden who pray not to rain!their fears of shelter and daily lives!
thanks dear,your lines are an eye opener!
wishing you a wonderful weekend,

ThomG said...

words full of feeling.

mansi said...

mads....great lines....especially the ending note....keep the good wrk...

Anonymous said...

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