Sunday, November 1, 2009 it an Adventure...??

Deep rooted in my heart,

lies a list of ventures,
years passed on,months crawled,
am still living with speculation,
with the advent of each day,
am offered a new jeopardy,
provocations to summon,&
challenges to deal with,
without these adventures,
life now seems to be a bore,
have become chronic to live with these odds,
have grown playing with these mysteries,
have learnt from my every adventure,
years to live for,
am going to carry my basket of ventures,
though,still rooted in my heart,
as a Gift from Life,
a defying bestowal,
which i honor with gratitude,
but at last a quest to be cracked,
What,If I say,
Life,itself is a basket of adventures..??

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Heliotropism said...

yes, life itself is a basket of adventures...I love the flow of this! lovely read.

KParthasarathi said...

I liked the phrase Life is a basket of adventures.Very true.In some we succeed and in some we fail.But that is all life is about, a constant challenge to conquer and happiness in achievements.
Beautifully written as always, Mads.Thank you

Anonymous said...

yes indeed..! life is a basket of adventures..

guess the question is, do we take the pick from the basket? or do we wait for the basket to overflow & the adventures pick us?! :)

Being Pramoda... said... is full of adventures...:) live it and enjoyy it to the fullest..:)

beautiful narration madhu..keep it up..

manivannan said...

Everyone above have quoted the line, which I liked too!

Awesome poem Madhu! You've wonderfully expressed it.

Keep up the spirit :-)

Jeeves said...

Indeed a basket of adventures

oldegg said...

The best times in life are those planned and unplanned adventures.

Great work.

Tumblewords: said...

A basket of adventures, to be sure! Nice read!

Amity Me said...

yes, yes...Madhu, life in itself is an adventure...:)

you surprised me with this rendition of the prompt...:) i wrote one for SS but on a simpler note you know!

i am again so challenged dear for this very beautiful and meaningful write-up of yours!!!

cheers to one of my very best buddy!!!