Friday, October 30, 2009

Candle..Living to Burn..!!!

A Burning Candle, I saw,

flickering the aura with its glow.
rekindling the light of radiance,
blazing in the dark with Castles in air.
Melting,it was into cries of wax,
endless tears to with held.
Burning,into flames of blue and red,
daringly fighting till last breathe to reach.
Facing all twists and turns,
With a gust of air,gets blown,
and then never known.
Living the life of immolation,
Sacrificing without any expectation..!!!

Yes, this is the life of a candle.What does it signify??Burning into heaps of ashes,& into hot flames,shedding down the tears of wax.a life full of struggles,a life of sacrifice, and a life for others..
Shouldn't our lives be inspired from it??Living for others, always as a helping hand,illuminating everyone's hearts with joys to share,walk ahead with struggles to fight,sacrificing at any moment.Yes,self sacrifice is considered to be one of the virtues,out of which every virtue grows. It's the finest deed.Only,when we learn to give something,we'll able to know it's importance.and,the Candle,once if it is blown off, has no value,similarly, we should keep on leading our lives,without fearing the hardships to come, and bravely fighting,being a ray of hope for all, and sacrificing ourselves wherever needed...

Crimson Incandescence,
Ablazing the Darkness,
Naive soul,it is,
Draped in tears of wax,for
Lucent rays of hope,amidst
Endurance and hassles..!!!


Anonymous said...

excellent acrostic & poem Maddy!! yes that is indeed the life of a candle. burning itself to give others light! :)

KParthasarathi said...

A beautiful poem eulogising the spirit of sacrifice with an acrostic as a bonus.Thanks,Madhu

Being Pramoda... said...

hey wahhh madhu..wonderful gathering of words and beautiful acro .>:)

keep it up gal..;)

and i sipmy loved ur adoring success post..:)

manivannan said...


Excellent Madhu :-)

This is one of your bests. I liked it very much! Self-sacrifice is what we need the most in this self-gratifying world. May your candle spread its light forever!

best wishes :-)

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

Loved the prose ... so true ! and the Acrostics was jusr perfect :)

Amity Me said...

good combination Mads, a poem, a write-up and an acrostic, all in one...

am getting disappointments on myself whenever i read great works of buddies like you...:)

yes, the life of a candle is some sort of a sacrifice, though not waiting anything in return, it is its life of sacrifice, its light!

we could not expect some people to do the same. others would have to know if they can get something in return before sacrificing.

thanks Mads for this great post, learned a lot from it.

have a great weekend..:)

love you sissy!


Creativity!! said...

Beautiful, Fantastic , Fabulous Description of Candle :) :) Excellent Dear :) :)

Mads... said...

@Leo..thnk u so much yr..yes,dats the life of a candle..!!!

@KP..heyy gp, thnk u so vry much..:)

@Prams..thnx dear 4 ur valuable cmmnts nd ur luvly presence..thnks a lot..!!!

@mani..glad, u liked it..thnx a ton..!!!

@PS..thnx so much ya..:)

@Amity..heyy...thnx a billion..zillion..:) yepp, dats the life of a candle, livin to sad na..:(
n why u getin disappointed..told u na, u write the best, jus believe in u..luv ya..:)

@Sahana..thnk u dearrie..:)

Amity Me said...

Hello Mads,

oh really am on cloud 9 now...LOLs

i am challenged, he he he, to make myself better lest i may fall short of your expectations of me ha!

I love you Madhu!


anupama said...

Dear Madhu,
Good Evening!very thought provoking post!candle is an amazing object which can inspire us a lot!we can make ourselves better!sacrificing our pleasures,giving happiness to others,make our lives meaningful!
keep writing!wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Mads... said...

@anu..frst of all wud like to thank u for ur kind visit as always..secondly, yes, u r absolutely true..we shud always be ever ready,to sacrifice ourselves in order to bring happiness in other's lives..thnk u so much, for ur valuable comments..:)