Tuesday, October 27, 2009

B'Day Wish..:)

Heyy, this one is a special post dedicated to my bro..Wishing him a bright and joyful Birthday..:)
As he's not near me this time, so missing you sweet heart... Accept,this as a token of gift from me..As of now nothing else, I have for u..:( ..Many Many happy returns of the Day dear...luv u:)

Life of Togetherness,
Sharing the bond of Elation,
Without you I feel incompetent..
Peeping of secrets,
Bursting of laughters,
Bully & tease,
Humor in bliss,
is what I miss..
Promising to be there,for each other,
No matter, how much we are further..
On this Special Day,
Want to tell you,how special you are,
You are my bestest siblings,
always wanna see u cheering..
May every new dawn,bring with it,
ample of joys to surpass you,
May all the dreams u weave,
you're able to achieve..

Happy Birth Day,My Sweet little Brother..!!!

High Spirits of Happiness,with
bounding contentment,and
Pleasing with glee,as
Promising part of me,
You'll always be..

Blessings of affection,may be
Instilled in your heart.
Relishing each moment,as a
Treasure to cherish,and
Hailing with pleasure..

Desires and Wishes to be fulfilled,
Aspirations all may be compassed, for
You, this is only what I ask...!!!


The Solitary Writer said...

happy birthday to ur bhai

may god bless him

gd bless u

Anonymous said...

wish yr bro a very happy birthday! :)

lovely dedication on his special day :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey.. my best birthday wishes to him..may he tastes the sweetness of success..

nice acro madhu..soo meaningful and lovelyy

KParthasarathi said...

Birthday greetings to your dear brother,Madhu the acrostic specialist!!

Amity Me said...

extend my warmest birthday greetings to your Li'l Bro...:)

Mads, thank you so much for being always in my place, it gives me a different kind of high... i am devastated today, i can't think right!

Mads... said...

@Ste..thanx re..:)

@Leo..thnk u dumbo..:)

@Prams..thnx dearrie..thnk u so much..:)

@KP..thnk u gp..fr all ur wishes..:)

@Amity..thnx a ton..:)
heyy..even for me its a felling of great pleasure to c u around,which can't be rlly expressed in wrds..thnk u so vry much ..:)
bt ya,wht happened to u..why devastated n al..hope,everythin is rite over dre..cheer up my friend..:)dnt ever let those thots ponder around u..wish to c u as happy as ever..:)

manivannan said...

That's a wonderful dedication Madhu!

Both the poem and acrostic were really superb...

My heartfelt wishes to your sweet, little & gifted brother :-)

May he be blessed with all the goodness in life!

Actually last week I was away from blogville....so didn't visit or read any blogs...otherwise I'd have been following you much earlier, my friend :-)

Mads... said...

@mani..heyy vry nice to c u here again..loads of thnx to u..:)

Creativity!! said...

Madhu :- Awesome, Fabulous Dedication TO Your Bro :) :)

Many Many Birthday Wishes To Your Bro :) :) May All His Dreams & Wishes Come True :) :)

Let Your Bond Be Strongest Forever & Ever :) :) Siblings Are Gifts :) :) You Are The Greatest Gift To Him & He Is Greatest Gift To You :) :)

Take Care Dear :) :)

Mads... said...

@Sahana..thnx my dear for ur luvly wrds..thnk u so much..hope u're doin well nw..:)

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