Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Antic concept

Challenges to play

Rambling with words

Off-base invention

Screwy notion

Talent outstanding

Instinct of a Poet

Classy Creation..!!!


Amias said...

Did you do the first one too? Oh I love them both!

Mads... said...

heyy..thnx ya..u liked it..:) i also luved the frst its a pic..:)

KParthasarathi said...

The first is superb with second one closely competing with it. Thanks,Mads.The pic for first is attractive.

Mads... said...

@KP uncle..ya i kno,frst one is awsumm..thnx a lot fr ur compliments..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey madhu,

nice to see ur blog updates in my blogroll..:) thanks fr this ..

and this acro about acro was superbly done .. very good and keep it up ..

hy i loved the lined in ur good morning post..soo soo awesome and with full of that morning breeze..frsh and fabulous ..

keep writing dear ..

wll be regularly coming here frm nowonwards ..:)

Keep expressing ..

Mads... said...

@Pramoda..thnx a lott dear..:) thnk u so much fr ur luvly appreciation..:) keep coming..!!!

Amity Me said...

Hey Mads,

honestly you made a great post...

i was left beaten here...when i wrote "Acrostic Makes me Tick", a free style of poem, somebody commented that my work was no acrostic, ha ha i made an addendum saying:

WARNING: this is no acrostic, the real is yet to come, but I guess, it't not coming anymore coz i have read yours already and i do not want that my ideas would be lifted from yours, he he he...:)

nice day dear!:)

Mads... said...

heyy..thnx a tonn..:) do try acro..wuld luv to read..the real one as u said..:) thnx a lott ya..!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh... i love this.. :) its one strong poem for poets choice prompt!!

Mads... said... it..oh..god..nothin like dat..thnk u vry mch..:)

manivannan said...

Awesome friend!

Loved both the acrostics :-)

But madhu...I just a need clarification...'campy' creation...As far as my understanding, the word 'campy' has a negative't right to use the word here? plz correct me if i am wrong...

Mads... said...

@mani..heyy thnk u so much ya..thnx a lot..:)
would like to tell you,that I've used the wrd 'campy' here in the context of something meaning silly, n kind of amusing. hope, it's fine. else,if still u feel it's imparting a negative notion,do let me know.
yr cmmnts n suggestions are always welcome..!!!

Mads... said...

neways..hav changed it..:)hope,it's fine nw..:)thnxs..!!!

Amias said...

Congratulations! You have won a BAP Awards, for for this poem, the first one! Click HERE and scan down!

Madhu this is a classic, and if you don't mind I will be posting it to Acrostic only sidebar!

Mads... said...

heyy..thnk u so much..:) thnx 4 consideration..m honored..n yes ofcourse u can..:)