Friday, October 9, 2009


Haunting tinge,
wful goblin,
urching inch to inch,
eaping for treats,
bscured as monster,
icked witch in mask,
vil laughing with frolic,
rr,capered a prank..:)
ight, duped with fear..:)


Missy said...

I feel like my son, Halloween is not a celebration I'd ever partake in. It's a creepy and spooky night for sure.

manivannan said...

Hi madhu!

Thanks a lot for inviting me to your space. I'm happy I found your blog :-)

So, that's an horror poem, ah?! Interesting! I really loved the usage of words, very poetic. You write really well.

Following you :-)

Have a pleasant weekend!

Mads... said...

@Missy..srry, didn't get u xactly, wht u meant..actually, dis was what i've ever heard abt it, though never gt a chance to witness..
neways, thnx 4 da info..thnx a lot fr stopping by..:)

@manivannan...hii..thnx dat u showed ur presence..thnx a lot fr ur comments..ya, will follow u as well..keep coming..:)

Leo said...

creepy spooky night with ghosts n goblins n kids dressed up like them running around :D

happy halloween!!

ps: delectable pic.. makes me hungry :D

Being Pramoda... said...

hi madhu,

well written gal...:)

I need to read many here..i think another two..

will do now ..

Ofira Sephiroth said...

Great poem and pic. Never been much into candy corn...I think they're nasty but for some reason other people enjoy them.

Amias said...

Wonderful take on the prompt!

I don't care for candy cones either, because as a child they were forced down our throats. They were so cheap, every door we knocked on gave them to us.

Mads... said...

@Leo..thnx Vinay..!!!

@Pramoda..heyy u visited, thnx a lot..:)

@Ofira..thnx 4 stopping by..:)

@Amias..thnk u so much..u liked it..:)