Sunday, October 4, 2009


Paradise on Earth,
Ambiance of delight,
Romantic love at sight,
Infusion of lights bright,
Splurged with senses,worth..!!!


Skye said...

a beauty.

Amias said...

Madhu, I like this, but it's not a true limerick. Limericks rhymes are:


However this is a good acrostic, but the "worth" is out of place, and totally not necessary.

You keep up the good work!

Mads... said...

@Skye..thnx a lot fr stopping by..:)

@Amias..thnx ya..will take care of it..n worth is jus to rhyme wid earth..thnx fr ur kind advise..will try to make da changes..!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Madhu,

good one..

hey why i'm not getting updates of ur blog..u know , now i got realized that i missed some more..will read all .. good going gal...keep expresing ..:)

anupama said...

Dear Madhu,
spring in my feet,
Music in my heart,
Smile on my lips,
Thinking of my love,
I want to tell you,
An awesome picture,
Keep blogging!

Mads... said...

@Pramoda..thnx a lot dear..u were missed..keep coming ya..!!!

Mads... said...

@Anupama..heyy dear..awwsum...bundle of thnks for the luvvly cmmnts..liked ur style..amazing..:)

Suree said...


Amity Me said...

Hi Mads,

thanks for visiting my site and here I am in yours...hope this is a start of a very good friendship over blogville...


Amity Me said...

..and i forgot i like this acrostic of yours, though as Amias would have said, it's not a limerick...

whew...need to go back to school before i will continue joining her contest, he he he! just a passing thought you know!

Leo said...

I'd remove the word "worth" too :)
Just for rhyme its not necessary for it!
And its not necessary an acrostic to be rhyming! :)

A good acrostic, even if not a limerick :)

Jim said...

Hi Mads, this is nice. It is love at sight for me for sure.
The limerick with acrostic may be tough. I have the start layed out, it may not materialize.
And of course the syllable length may require more than four words. I think mine will.

And so for now I finished a plain acrostic with the humorous limerick ending.
"The standard form of a limerick is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second and fifth usually having eight or nine syllables and rhyming with one another, and the third and fourth usually having five or six and rhyming separately. Lines are usually written in the anapaestic meter, but can also be amphibrachic."

Mads... said...

@Jim..heyy thnk u so much fr stoppin by nd sharing all the info..thnx..!!!