Monday, October 12, 2009

Relishing Diwali..!!!

Diwali carnival may shower,
Directions of anticipation,new.
In every heart,
Imbid the joy of feast.
Wishes of fortune,to be shown,
Wrongs,all,to be blown.
Ablaze the spark of crackers,bright,
Aback,may be taken all the plight.
Lords,to be offered prayers,
Lavation of blessings,desired,
Ingrain the single heart with blithe,
Illuminate every home with lamp to be lit..!!!

PS: the festival of lights is just round the corner, so here wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali..!!!


Creativity!! said...

Woww :) :) So Beautiful Poem Dear :) :)

Have Missed Few Of Your Posts :) :) Will Read By This Weekend :) :)

Wish You Also A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali.....Festival Of Lights :)

Mads... said...

@Creativity...heyy thnx a lot Sahana..thnk u so much..:)

manivannan said...

WOW! That's a very sweet poem about the festival of lights!

"Ablaze the spark of crackers,bright,
Aback,may be taken all the plight."

Very beautiful lines....

Wish you and your loved ones a very happy and delightful Deepawali!!!

Mads... said...

@manivanan..heyy thnx a tonne..!!!
thnx 4 visiting..!!!
wish u too a vry happy nd safe diwali..:)

KParthasarathi said...

I liked this poem of yours ,Madhu
Best wishes for a very happy and bright Diwali to you
hv anice day

Mads... said...

@KP nice of, atlast u visited..m oblidged..thnx a lott..!!! Wishing u as well, a vry happy nd prosperous diwali..!!!

Amity Me said...

Hey Madhu,

thank you for being always in mah site...i love you for that...but i just wonder how come i can't get the way of adding you to my list?

the poem here is very nice and well written dear...enjoy writing like i do...


anupama said...

Dear Madhu,
too usy n missed out a few post of yours.
nice of you to come up with the timely theme n bringing awareness!
another festival to celebrate the victory of goodness over evil.
festivals teh best time to brihten up lives strengthening bonds....
have a great day ahead......

Mads... said...

@anu..thnx a lott for showing ur kind visit..ya, its the festival to celebrate victory of goodness over evil, so dis diwali, let's all pray dat all evil may b taken away, nd we liv wid prosperity..:)
Wish u as well a vry happy nd joyous Diwali..!!!!

Leo said...

hey this form of double acrostic is new to me :)
but i like it a lot and will try it out soon :) :)

lovely poem on the festival of lights! wish u a very happy and safe diwali!! :)

Mads... said...

@Leo..thnk u so much..!!!
ya, do try fr sure, it wud b gr8 reading..Wish u too a happy nd joyful diwali..!!!