Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Secret to Reveal (Part - I)

Today, I'm here to share a Secret with u all..
Have u ever wondered that among all the scholars,scientists and great sages, what's the thing common with them..? A Secret is there..
A Secret, which has been revealed from our centuries old culture and philosophies, and believe me,once u happen to experience it,u'll find it life transforming-this is being assured by the lady behind it-'Rhonda Byrne'. It's incredible. She talks about the Secret of being what u wish to be, and achieving what u desire for. It's the Secret to happiness, health, relationship, and all. It's the Secret of Life. The lady says that-
'You hold in your hands a great Secret...'
My dear friends, as preached by many great thinkers 'Secret is the law of attraction'. It's what u think,whatever u feel ,is reflected back to u.Here, the like attracts like.So, your thoughts play a major role in your life. It's said that -
'If you set it in your mind,you're going to hold it in your hand....'
Now, you'll feel like how to have control over thoughts, how to stop the negativity flowing in.Can u imagine monitoring your mind,full of hefty thoughts. Yes u can.It's just the matter of feelings and emotions. So,what are u feeling now..? just, ponder upon it. One should always focus on his feelings. The more good u feel,the more good goes to Universe,and will attract more of it to u.
Now, u've begin to learn about the Secret, but the thing is how to apply this Secret to your life, I mean how to use this Secret..?
It's not any magic or miracle, that something gonna happen and u'll have control on your life.
The Book reveals about a Creative Process,involving some steps in order to fulfill what u aspire for.They includes- Ask-to make a wish to Universe, to the Mighty, which means that u're having a crystal clear goal in your mind. Secondly, u should Believe in what u've asked for, this includes the action and the thoughts, working for what u've asked for, for what u want to achieve.
The third step is of Receiving-feeling the way as if u've received what u'd asked for, feeling the way u feel once your desire is manifested.It's all about having faith in the Universe, and it'll automatically grant your wishes.
As once understood,this Secret can be applied to your Body,Mind and life ofcourse. The book reveals that the power of this Secret has enlightened the life of many great men and women, who by applying the Secret to their lives have succeeded in eradicating the chronicles of diseases, acquired immense of wealth, and achieved wonders. Then, why not we get influenced by this hidden power, don't we long for success, aren't we having any desires..? So, why not to get magnetized by it's impact.It's just a matter of Believing, believing in your self, believing the Universe, and we'll be able to create our life, the way we want it to be, would be able to experience the joy in every aspect of life.

To be continued...

Courtesy : the book - 'The Secret by Rhonda Byrne'

PS: This post is the result of insisting to pen something about my reading of this book. was insisted by one of my great friends(Do, I need to mention the name..?) I just want to thanks a zillions..a bunch of thanks to u for gifting me such a wonderful gift..I'm inspired and want to spread some of it's effects to u ppl's lives as well, dat's why m sharing it all with u. This is till what I've read as of now.Wish, more of it'll come as I move further. Till then Happy Reading..:)

and, here's the video depicting the trailer of the movie 'The Secret'.. a must to watch..:)


KParthasarathi said...

This book propounds the thory that one's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, happiness.Let us hope Madhumantra help us learn thro these posts how to use The Secret power in every aspect of our life.A laudable endeavour

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manivannan said...

Madhu...that's profound! I'd say watching the thoughts is the first step for being spiritual....And our each and every thought, positive and negative, has an effect in this universe! So we have to watch out....

Looking forward for your next post!

Keep up the noble attempt!