Friday, November 20, 2009


igh in Sky
Holy kingdom of
Heavenly Stars

Eternity in bliss
Everyone's dream
Eden Paradise

Abode of
Angels and fairies
Amidst cosmic space

Visible radiance
Virtuous spirit
Vision of Strength

Ethereal deity
Enlightenment of life
Euphoria of joys

Nirvana from sins
Noble desire
New world waiting..!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow maddy, this was three times as delightful as heaven!! :)

Anonymous said...

ah good.. worked now! :D

wonder why it didnt in the morning! :(

manivannan said...

It's divine!

Loved all the three madhu :-)

Have a great weekend!

Amity Me said...

wow...Maddy, this is the best heaven acros that i have read so far, everyone at AO's must surrender for this one great post! I am surrendering nah!

love you Mads, you're such a brilliant gurl!

Hugs pretty Mads!

KParthasarathi said...

Very nice

Anonymous said...

Good Heavens...with so much waiting its definitely a lure.

Good one Madhu.

Amias said...

This is like sing an opera! Beautiful.

PS the Pratsie said...

wow ! triple heaven ! no no .. this was 4 times heaven .. reading this included :)

Missy said...

A delicious approach to this acrostic. Enjoyed the read