Monday, November 2, 2009


oud burst of sound,pleasant,
musement with high spirits of contentment,
nconditional joys all around,
iggling and chuckling in abound,
Hilarious tone,so vibrant..:)

PS : Linked to AO.


Anonymous said...

hehe! :) good laugh this! Loved that pic! :)

happy 50th post!

KParthasarathi said...

Congrats on reaching the 50th mark
Liked this acrostic.

Amity Me said...

when we are yet child, we give unconditional happiness to the olds, and display love, affection and laughters that of a child!

how lovely Maddy!!!

and the pic, oh I love babies you know!!!


Being Pramoda... said...

soo profound..:)
well composed one madhuu ..>:) keep laughing hehehe..

Creativity!! said...

Dear Wonderful :) :) Very Well Described The Concept & Significance Of Laugh :) :)
Hugs :) :)

Mads... said...

@Leo..hehe..haha..:P :D thnk u..:)

@KP..thnx a

@Amity..yes,so very true dear..laughters spread joys nd happiness..:) thnk u so much..:)
luv u..:)

@Prams..thnx a ton dear..u too always keep laughing..hehe..:)

@Creativity..thnk u so much Sahana dear..

manivannan said...

A vibrant laugh that is :-))

Well composed madhu...


Mads... said...

@mani..thnx so vry much..:)

lissa said...

yes, very sweet! we should all laugh like that

Anonymous said...

that is wonderful madhu!!

i enjoyed this..

Mads... said...

@lissa..thnx 4 droppin pleasure..thnx ya..:)

@Shraddha..thnx 4 cuming... thnks, u njoyed..:)

Escapist said...

That's showing the beautiful smile.....


Amias said...

Laugh and the whole world laugh with you, cry and you cry alone .. at least this is what my mother used to say. This is sweet.

You forgot to link AO at the end of your poem.

Maggie said...

This read sure made me smile:)

Anonymous said...

Mads, thank you for stopping by and commenting :) I've read a few of your posts and must say I'm impressed by your poetic hand. This Acrostic is brilliant, all the right words sewn together into one cheerful piece.

Meow said...

Very cute and pic is sooper sooper cute :)

Jim said...

Mads, this is a cute poem. And a cute little girl too! I can just hear her gigglng.

Saraswathan said...

Kewl Post and a fitting Picture to go with it. It Rocks!