Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shades of Beauty...:)

liss of
Treasure to

Beauty is born when,
Heart touches the soul,and
Dream chases the reality...

Beauty is hidden in self,
Beauty is embedded in thoughts,
Beauty is to be discovered...

Beauty of a poem glows with words,
Beauty of music is with rhythm
Beauty of painting is stroke,
Beauty of art is in creation...

Beauty of Child is,
captured by Innocence,
Innocence roiling from eyes,
wrapped with smile,
Stealing the heart,and
Encasing the beauty with spark...

Beauty of Nature lies in,
              Garden of flowers,
              blooming in colors,
spring with showers,
fluttering leaves,and
chirping birds.
   Sea is beautified by waves,and
Clouds by rain,
Sky is lured by shine of sun,
twinkle of stars,and glitter of moon...

Beauty of Man is with,
his deeds and words,
his thoughts and actions.

Beauty lies in vision,Beauty lies in expression,
Beauty is to feel,Beauty is to see...

Beauty pacifies the joys, Beauty entraps the love,
Beauty is in God,Beauty is divine,
Beauty is here,Beauty is everywhere..!!!

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Amity Me said...

Wow....!!! What a beautiful rendition of the your beauty poem...:)

Everything you said is sooooo...wonderful and soooo....lovely and soooo....realllyyy...beautiful, like my dear beautiful Maddy!

This is such a great poem dear! I love it from beginning to end! Without amiss!

Have a beautiful Sunday dear!

KParthasarathi said...

Wow.What an amazing peom.The beauty of a poemlies in the the choice of apt and beautiful words, in the flowing rhymes obtained,in the rich thoughts ingrained and the liting style in which written.Your poem excels in all respects. Great job,mads

gs batty said...

nie writing. you cature beauty with your words

Anonymous said...

nice sunday scribble maddy..lot of beauty in this post!! :)

btw, ur acrostic is spelling "BEATY" right now.. where is the U? :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Madhu,
You've captured it all
Without a gap even small
So here's a wish to the beauty
In You, let it fill your heart
to the brim, for your words touched so beautifully a cord!

Lilly said...


Linda Jacobs said...

You put a lot of thought into this poem! Beautiful words and pictures! Is that your little girl? Adorable!

GoGo said...

very nice.

oldegg said...

A stunning collage of Beauty. I loved them all.

Tumblewords: said...

Beauty is many things. Lovely collage of examples.

PS the Pratsie said...

and this was another "beauty-ful" post !! :) njyd reading this :)

Jeremy said...

great poem.

Creativity!! said...

Fabulous Poetry Dear :) :)

Anya said...

My compliments :-)
Fantastic poem ...
so lovely lines written.
Your blog is beautiful !!

Dew drops said...

Kya yaar..kamaal ka masterpiece.. Beauty is inherent and u proved it..Loved the comparisons!!!Nice shot!!!