Saturday, August 1, 2009

Colors of Life..:)

heyy..this one is dedicated to my little to spend time with them, they are the best pals one could have.. they can make your day..can be the best stress busters esp when frustration is on nerve..:) ..their life is full of joy and glory, so simple, yet the desire to conquer the world..their company can take u back to the best phase of your life, the one which you've left, here I go..

A bouquet of thanks to Almighty, the Creator,
for he send on this earth, the lovely creatures.

their every action deserves a hug, a kiss,
they are the God's miracles, his greatest bliss.

those innocent faces,
on which the smile embraces,
giving puzzling looks with anxiety in traces.

they're naive, they're curious,
take a second turning furious.

spreading joy wherever they go,
with sparkling eyes and enthu they owe.

they love to play with young, play with old,
for they have the heart of gold.

they make you dance, make u sing.
live in the world of fantasy,
teddy, dolls and chocolates make them crazy.
dimple chin, they have chubby cheek,
insisting you to play ringa-ringa roses and hide n seek.
bursting laughter and weepy woes,
for this is the language they ought to know.

all they need is warmth of affection,

for they are the splashes of felicitation,

for they are the Colors of Life,

disseminating the rejoice in rife..



Creativity!! said...

Woww!!!!!!!! Fantastic Poem Dear :D
We Should be ever grateful to our pals who r with us from Day1....I really appreciate the way u have expressed :) While I was reading this, it was A Video Clip for me :) Pleasure To Read.....U Made to go back to my Childhood Memories :D

ringa-ringa & hide & seek :) just beautiful..excellent chosen phrases :D

Eye-Catching Phrases & Heart Touching Poem :)

Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) All The Very Best Success For Your Upcoming Posts :D Excellent.....Keep It Up :) You Are An Excellent Blogger :D Come up with many more stuffs :D

I Too Follow ur Blog :D

Dear, I committed a small mistake...U can see one comment deleted.....I Deleted That comment, bcoz of Speed in typing there were some grammatical errors!! So I deleted & re-commented :) Hope u dont mind about this :) Extremely Sorry Dear :) From next time, I shall be careful abt this :)

If U want to permanently delete that 1st comment u can select delete forever option..Hope You Know This :) Once Again, Extremely Sorry :D

Mads... said...

@Creativity..m rlly honored, u stopped by nd wrote such b'full comments..thnx a lot..nd ya dat ringa-ringa one is real thingy which happened wid me..:D thnx again, for encouragmnt, will surely cum up wid more new posts..till den, happy blogging..keep visiting..!!!

nd i culdn't understand the reason behind apologizing so much..heights yr..:)u don't hav to think so mch..jus chill..:P

Being Pramoda... said...

U were too good at ur expression!!! I must say that u have a beautiful way of narration... Keep it up.


And i agree with u and Sahana (Creativity) that..We Should be ever grateful to our pals who r with us from Day1..Yes..soo truee..

Keep expressing..And i welcome u to my blog; Its always my pleasure to see u reading my lines..

Thank You

Mads... said...

@ Pramoda..frst of all wishing u too a vry happy frndship day dear..!!!
thnks a lot fr dose cherishable comments..its jus coz of u ppl, n ur lovely support m able to put in mre thoughts..n ya will surely b visiting urs...thnx again..keep visiting...!!!

Vyshu said...

Happy Friendship Day Dear

I loved it

I'm soooo in mood of friendship today ..Delightful..!

Last verse is very beautiful ..:)You made me recollect Childhood Days..!

I wish this poem shdnt get over....

Keep writing Dear..!

Mads... said...

@ Vyshu..happy frndship day to u too..n ya thnk u soo much dearrie..