Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bro to Bow..:)

This one's really special to me..had no words to justify the title, but barely somehow I managed, just because since very long, you expected some lines from me, n what i feel is that could have drafted in a more better way, but...some relations are beyond expressions.. my dear bro, let me tell u, words can't describe u..u just mean more than everything to're a true sweetheart..thnx a million,trillion,zillion 4 being there for me, you're sum1 to lean on,sum1 to count upon..luv u so much dearrie...kindly accept dis as a tiny-tit-bit gift..:)

U're the loveliest gift,I've ever received as a surprise,
and U turned out to be an Angel in Disguise.
We grew up with all knick-knacks n bullying,
sharing and caring,
all those fighting sessions, yellings n complainings,
for any reason teasing.
Yes, you're rite as u always say,
Let years pass by, all these gonna be reasons to gay..

In life, have learnt from u a lot.
your concern is more than an elder..
for my perplexed of the problems,

u came up with brightest of solutions,

care and luv is what u carry in amalgamation..

have seen u facing so much struggle,

u've crossed many hurdles,

but, all those without any fear,

i broke down in silent tears..

have always found u enlightened as a true devotee,

full faith u owe in Him, being a true trustworthy..

luv the energy you're always filled with,

luv youur strong will power,

you're my shining star..

Creativity, in u it lies..

and u use it just as a Wise..

your mind is groomed with so much of talent,
u just out stand as a brilliant..
the symphony u spread in the aura,

fill the melody in the atmosphere,

the magical tunes u play,
just makes my day..

You're a Wonder,

for, u have in u a magic, a mission,

always entitled towards your ambition..
U dream, U desire,

and U keep working to aspire..
If ever u felt the absence of my care,
from deepest of my heart I bow for forgiveness,
for, u always gonna find me for u there..

for, ours is a relation of souls,
blended with taste of sweet and sour..
We share a unique bond,
with passing time, which gonna grow strong..
for, you're a treasured part of my past,
joyous part of my present,
and promising part of my future..

May God shower his choicest of blessings on u..

May he grant u with best of physical strength..
May u excel in every walk of life..

May u fulfill all your dreams and desires..

May u reach new heights..
U rock..
hugsssss nd kissssessss....:)

Nostalgia, u always fill the air with,
im, yours is so high,
ision, is so clear u live with,
nriched to rise high,
nthusiasm, u breathe with,
ew horizons, may take u high...

(PS: My brother's name is Naveen)


Being Pramoda... said...

HI Madhu,

very lovely dedication..

Happy Rakshabandhan..:)

KParthasarathi said...

You write beautifully and express yourself very well.

Suree said...

i think u r king of defining acronyms...:)....

any ways lovely post

Vyshu said...

Lovely Post..!

I have no words left to say now..Best wishes to Naveen

Mads... said...

@all-thnx a ton every1 of u..m honored...:)