Monday, August 24, 2009


As u all know, memories of true friendship can never fade, are captured in the heart and are fresh as ever.but, missing them is a natural, while chatting with my special friend, was taken in flashback nd reminded of that golden time spent..which instantly compelled me to pour some thoughts, nd u know very well, dis is the best platform I could find...Miss u my dear friend..!!!

Today standing still in search of glory,

recollecting those old memories.

Thinking of those days of togetherness,

m filled with thrill nd happiness.

Moving into the flashback,

thinking of u,m taken aback.

Those long hours of gossips,

every moment with u was a bliss.

Life led with zeal, embracing the bond we shared,

those giggling nd laughter sessions which we had.

Caring nd sharing in abundance,

today wish to have your glance.

Wish,the time could be rewinded,

as u
are always reminded.
m speechless,left with no words,

just thoughts nd thoughts.

mesmerizing moments countless,

miss them all being helpless...

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Being Pramoda... said...

Hey, u have reminded me my good olden days and the friedns i'm missing badly now..

Thanks for this ..