Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Friend.. I Owe..:)

Here cums the most awaited of all..first of all, wuld like to wish u all a vry happy friendship day....keep rocking my dear friends...dis post of mine is dedicated to one of my special friend..whose presence in my life makes me feel lucky..with whom i've spent some of the b'full days in life..or i must say, whose presence made dose dayz b'full..yes, Friendship is the finest gift from God..Gratitude to express, A day to celebrate - this relation don't deserve.. every moment we can enjoy dis phase.. we don't need to make a call to express, or a card to share, dat we r dere, for, every day is a friendship day..Hats off to u my dear friend, always being dre for me, for accepting me as i am, for dropping dose mesmerizing moments in my life..nd i kno we'll always b dere for each other in every walk of life...Luv uuuu loads...!!!!
m jus pouring down some thoughts, bestowed as a dedication...

Many people came nd went,
but for them, I don't have to repent.
coz people come nd go,
but none had the seed of true friendship to sow.
few were friends, few fiend,
few were shriek, few kind.

But it was in u I saw,
the torch of true friendship, dat'll glow.
nd the relation we gonna share,
which among all is rare.
coz few relations in earth never die,
nd dats where our friendship lies.

Limited is my vocab to express u,
M short of words to describe u.
from u, I learnt the meaning of dis relation,
for u are a gem like of person.
A friend is someone dat reaches for ur hand nd touches ur heart,
for me our friendship is like a garden full of blossoming flower plants.
for each day as it pass,
the joy nd pleasure, our friendship gonna surpass.

Your smile charges me up with power,
Your presence confronts me to face all ups nd downs.
When I was in depression,
u made me free of every tension.
Whenever I was alone,jus waited to see u,
for,u were dere to keep away the gloom.
for, u always offered me a comfy shoulder to cry,
where I was always free to sigh.
the warm hug, u've embraced me with,
your utmost care nd concern is what I miss.

Have seen in u a true guide,
who gonna take me on a ride,
to show me the right path to chose,
with life full of crests nd troughs, i may not get confuse.

Things in abundance, we share,
with open hearts without any glare.
those long talks, nd moonlit walks,
those laughs with jokes to crack,
enjoying those treats,
coz we were true freaks,
those consoling sessions dat wuld crawl,
I miss dem all.

In every aspect,I've received ur support nd protection,
u proved to b a friend with perfection,
'thanks' is not a word for ur care nd affection.

All those moments are gonna cherished,
No way any of them can't perish.
Moments filled with glory, emotions nd all those shades,
Memories of u can never fade.
for, m left with all memories to sustain,
All those mesmerizing moments gonna retain.

Last but not the least,
few lines I need to jist.
however long distances may keep us apart,
our friendship is dere which can't make us depart.
how much, the life make us feel detached,
our friendship is always gonna keep us attached.

Cheers to our everlasting eternal friendship..
dis bond is gonna keep us bind,
for, True Friendship is drenched from heart nd mind..
May God always keep u in best of spirit..
May u succeed in every endeavor,
for u, dis is my token of prayer..!!!


Vyshu said...

Its definitely a lovely dedication to ur Spl friends..:)

I loved the poem ...very veryyy touching ..!

You are exceptionally gud at writing verses in such a tender flow.

Cheers and Happy friendship day a belated one.!

Mads... said...

heyy..thnx a lot, Vyshu dear..thnk u so mch 4 all ur encouragmnt..ya, hppy frnship day to u as well..!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Madhu,

Very nicely written..I could feel every word of urs..good..keep it up..

Thanks for ur wishes and a happy friendshipday...