Monday, August 24, 2009

Writer's Lounge - An Unsaid Epic...

heyy..u know what I've become a member of Writers Lounge's family,will be writing for that blog as's a matter of honor for I go with my first post sincerely dedicated to WL...

Writers coming up with thoughts ravishing,
Ravishing is their introspection,
Introspection gripped with worth of talent,
alent bestowed with immense elegance,
legance that each write-up reveals,
eveals the secrecy of success,
uccess in uplifting the lounge.

ounge, that's aggregation of thoughts outstanding,
Outstanding is the creativity unleashed,
Unleashed ideas of members numerous,
umerous pens held with grip,
rip blended with shades of emotions,
motions of gloom nd glory, contributing to Writers Lounge's story..!!!


Being Pramoda... said...

Good one madhu...All the best for ur journey with witer's lounge

Mads... said...

thnk u dear..!!!

Missy said...

Love how you chose your words to suit the subject matter well. Enjoyed this.

Mads... said...

thnx a lot for stopping by nd ur appreciation..thk u..:)

Amias said...

You have joined with a wonderful group of young writers and I so wish you the best.

I truly enjoyed this tribute!

Mads... said...

thnk u so much for dropping by..thnx a lot fr ur wishes..!!!