Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hoping to Hope...

Ahh...hope..hope..hope n keep what, I've been hearing since ages..hope for the best,hope for the good, hope so..nd blah..blah..blah...and so far, what conclusion I've reached is that,Hope just checks -
eights Of Patience Evolved.. with Hammering Of Positivity to be Engrossed..!!!

Heyy..what's your take on this ??
Do share..!!!


Being Pramoda... said...


I'm bit late, but wanna tell u that I liked ur name..:)

And hope...u said it, and if i have to add, i would say, "Having Optimistic & Productive Environment"...haha..liked it?


Hey, madhu, would like to see ur reviews at my space..:)

Vyshu said...

Well said Dear ..

it is encouraging and mostly positive and good for us to read..:)

And my take with an acrostic...

Heed to move
On,with more

Hold on your
Own thoughts,and give
Persistent effort,to get
Eternal success

:(..every read is giving different meanings..!..Its proved now..hw bad am at Acrostics..!?!


and,here i'm with edited version of Pramoda's

Having optimistic & Profound energy.!

Thanks you Gals..!

Vyshu said...

Hey Madhu,

I just finished reading "Wise And Otherwise"

Thanks for referring it Dear..:)

Her thought process,simplicity towards life is the main theme of every story ...Real experiences threaded in humanity .!

Being Pramoda... said...


Happy independence day..:)

Mads... said...

heyy..frst of all, m really srry for being so late..had sum prblem wid the system..:(
m sooooooo much honored, readin all ur luvlyyy comments..
thnk uuuu soooooooooo much...

@ Pramoda.. thnx a tonne dear..nd rlly,must say, u've given a brilliant definition..just thinkin,why it didn't striked me..:)

@Vyshu...thnks a lottt dear..b'fully quoted..u're genious at Acrostics..u've cum wid gr8 thoughts..hats off to ur mind..:)

nd ya..Wishing every1 of u a vry happy Independence Day..
Jai Hind..!!!!
will soon b visiting ur blogs..hav missed a lot all dese dayss..


yamini meduri said...

Heights in life
Only can reached
Ever we hope for it

This is my take on HOPE....!!!

nice blog you have Madhu...will be back..!!!

by the way..thanks a ton for stopping by my Land of Dreams...keep coming and have a good time..!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hii.. hw r u?

Mads... said...

heyy m doin gud..nd hope same for u too...all dese days, was lil away frm da blog, n must say, missed everythin badly..:(
neways, m bak nw..n u're takin a bak soon, wid more of new thoughts..:)

Mads... said...

@ yamini..thnx a lot dear..nd i rlly liked ur take on dis..thnx again..keep visiting..!!!