Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Khamat Khaamna..Michhami Dukkaddam..Aka Sorry Day..!!!

Today is Khamat Khaamna Divas(Kshama Yaachna Divas), being observed by us Jainis..This day comes once every year in Paryushan Parva which in turn lays stress on self purification nd sacrificing,even sacrificing hunger..Paryushan is followed by chanting hymns,meditating nd living a disciplined life..Now, coming back to this Khamat Khaamna Divas..Basically, it's a day to apologize to your near nd dear ones, friends nd family members for all the wrongs done to them, knowingly or unknowingly, thus emphasizing on the art of seeking forgiveness nd forgiving as well..It's followed by phonecalls, messages nd all and terms such as Khamat Khaamna, Michhami Dukkadam are exchanged.In short, it carries with it a huge importance just like we celebrate all other days like Father's Day,Mother's Day,Friendship Day, etc..etc..

So, My Dear Friends, nd all those whom I've ever come across in my life in some way or the other,Knowingly, or Unknowingly if I've ever hurt you through any action or any deed,I heartly beg for your forgiveness.Michhami Dukkaddam..!!!

Lastly I would like to share one message here, sent to me by one of my cousins..here it goes..

Chota sa Sansaar, Galtiyan apaar,
aapke paas hai Kshama ka Adhikaar,
karlijiye nivedan sweekar,khamte hain barambaar..
Michhami Dukkadam..!!!

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Being Pramoda... said...

Ohh is it? I was not aware of it .. its godo to see such days ..

Thanks for the info..

Btw, ur cousin's msg is soo good ..