Friday, July 17, 2009

My Library..:)

'Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you'

Books are treasure,
keep them for a long measure.
Books are blend of magic, mystery and fiction,
building at every stage, a huge suspicion.
Books just contain pages, pictures and words,
but, to me the contentment is more than gold or diamonds.
Books help me to journey far and wide,
they are the best friends during bedside.
Books are to be loved, books are to be adored,
they contain knowledge to be explored.
Books, afterall might be only pages from end to end,
still books are my special friend.

PS: This is the collection of Books,I've read so far.just wishing my library will grow soon.would also love to hear from you people about any suggestions or recommendations of any more new stuff to read..:)


Vyshu said...

Hey nice Collection..I read all those books except the last one...cudnt recognize it Dear..can you pls let me knw its name and a brief review on it?

Among all those i loved Alchemist a lot..I instilled many qualities of those the Author speaks impliedly thru the book..:)

The Pursuit of Happyness is my current Read..I think u have seen the movie already ...

Few books i wud like to recommend..

To Sir, With Love

Very touching story of a Teacher

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish -Rashmi Bansal

few extraordinary lessons of IIMA Graduates

Tuesdays with Morrie

Speaks abt all perspectives of life

Will update you later with other good list.!

Happy Reading..:)


Mads... said... nice of u..thnx a lot for ur recommendation, would definitely try to go for all dose..thnx again..nd ya da last one was 'wise and otherwise' by Sudha Murty, its a nice one, collection of around 51 stories dealing with her real life experiences.dis book is a salute to life with simplicity,its foremost aspect.hope,u'll find dis info valuable.nd ya wuld like to know mre abt 'pursuit of happiness', m nt able to recall the movie..

Being Pramoda... said...

Hai Madhu,

Good blog and a simple template :)

Books can show u an unknown in you, they can impact u their best; I too like to read books;

And this is a nice collection of books as well..

Five point some one, a book that inspired me to write my experiences and a novel as well..:)

As vyshu said, "Tuesdays with morrie" - a real good book;

"The power of subconsious mind" is another good one to have a read and to give a thought aftre that.

"Abhraham linkoln, the unknown" by Dale carnegie... another good one, if at all u r interested..

And I personally like to read novels by Sydney sheldon, you may give a try..

Go ahead with ur book reading habbit.. Its a good one to have.

Mads... said...

@ Pramoda..thnx a lot for dropping down n ur suggetions..will surely try dem out..thnx ya..
keep visiting..
nd nice 2 kno abt ur novel, wuld like to kno mre abt it..

Jogi said...

go for 'Tuesdays with moorie' ,Sidhartha,Anything for you Ma'm,The Greatness guide