Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rendezvous with Ruskin Bond...

This was on my recent trip to Mussourie. I was at a book shop. On asking for some good stuff, the guy over there showed me tremendous collection of none other than the famous 'Ruskin Bond',which in fraction of seconds reminded me of my school days, those poems in English Literature, I could recall the author's name..then, all of a sudden,I was told to turn back, and take the autograph if I wanted..I was like..wondering, then that guy suppressed my anxiety by telling that, there's He, 'Ruskin Bond', surrounded by the crowd.Oh..God, that was really unbelievable. Then, I had a few words with him, got to know about his best works, his whereabouts n all..Below is 'He' clicked by me..
That was my encounter with such a great personality..

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