Monday, January 25, 2010

Turn a Blind Eye

rashed to survive
Unborn feeble life
Ripples of dreams
Naked all breached

Attacked to death

Blind, you beast
Lurking from law
Inhuman,you human
Nerd,provoking bane
Daughter is boon

Elicit all compassion
Yield her life
Escort to birth

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sleeping beauty said...

i guess i know little of poems& poetic thoughts , but if it is about girl child ,yes we girls rock .even it is the mother nature not .....father nature

Sruthisagar Yamunan said...

I don't get the theme :(

Creativity!! said...

Woww :) :) Fabulous Dear :) :)

Jaunty anima said...

Beautifully done acrostic!

Amity said...

Hey Madhu dear? Where are you? Doin' some work like what u told me before?

Let me tell you, finally am ready for the holiday, and 90% all packed. We will leave tomorrow for the airport. A 10 hours drive from our place.

I requested somebody to manage my farm....:) I can't connect with you there for the time being!

I will miss you babe!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant... i mean it... brilliant.. I have nothing more to say.. I wish people would just realise what a daughter truly is!

sulagna said...

wow girl!! well written i must say

KParthasarathi said...

I endorse in full what Psychedchick has said.A girl child is indeed a boon

Amias said...

It's very sad that many girls babies, in many parts of the world, are put to death before they even get a chance to live.

Amias said...

Please join your friends at your
Birthday Party!

We are waiting for ya, and kicking up our heels! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Madhu! We will save you some cake and ice cream.

anamika said...

Thanks for passing by..I liked your template infact i like all pinky and girly templates but my template makes my work easy...
Also please comment on my post it keeps my motivation level high..


Anonymous said...

awsome try...

loved it..

just back from india and catching up..

sulagna ™ said...

and oh i love the new blog template

Shas said...

Very effectively u have put across the idea.

Keep it up!!

sulagna ™ said...

madhu thanks a tonne for the wishes on my anniversary blog :) it means a lot to get your wishes on my special day :)

Saras said...

A girl child is a gift of god and only the blessed ones realize it.