Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year..!!! all set to enter another year..?? A new year, or just another day, with what to honor it, is basically my dilemma, this time..but why am I in such a disoriented state of mind..? Hankering around for a vision, running for a purpose, my brain is just not enough for accumulating all those hefty thoughts, just awaiting to drain them out ,don't want to be preoccupied by any such thoughts and feelings..When, the people around are busy in celebrations, with full enthusiasm in welcoming the new year, am couching without any excitement, as if it would be just another passing day.When I look back, I could feel many arrears, logged into my account, I wish,I could take the life,the other way around, but as we all know, Life is not about looking back,instead Life is all about moving ahead , and as far change is concerned, yes, it begins from self, rather to blame the world around.Sometimes, I feel, if I could have a catch hold on the eloping time, but even that is next to impossible, so I really need to work for my perception, with confidence and an attitude of optimism, yes, this is what I've learnt from a life changing book, but ironically, not able to implement.but, yeah, am going to try this out, better late than never..and I just dream to reach my aspirations following the right direction.This is all, I need to perceive.So,just need to see,where I land up..My dear friends,hope,I've note bored you much with my thought factory.:) can I forget to Wish you all a very bright and joy filled Happy New Year.May the year ahead, mark it's prior importance in your lives.So,here,Wishing that you all might have a rocking year ahead..Happy 2010..!!!


Amity Me said...

Hello my dear Madhu...:)

don't be've cheered me up, so you better get onto your toes...face the year ahead with a positive outlook in life..:)

life is short,life is beautiful, enjoy it...:)

I love you, as always! HUgs!

Saras said...

This happens to most of us Madhu and the way to handle this is to just get a bit more organised about your work vis-a-vis time and keep going.It will automatically fall into place. Happy New Year