Monday, January 11, 2010

Maa Tujhe Salaam..!!!

Heyy friends..I know, you must be sensing the presence of my absence, After a long time,I'm returning,and I've a list of excuses for that.Living with a state of mind, entirely bewildered, and longing for something righteous to happen.Losing clutch on my obsession, is something which is really bothering me at the moment.Amidst all this, a sincere thanks goes to few of my friends for always raising my spirits, just love the quality moments spent with you.I've been wasting my time over some silly social networking amusements,now I'll try to stay away before the addiction hits me.Last but not least,the freezing winters am living in, do play some role in drifting me away from my space, just lazying around in the chill, ample to learn from the people around, but i fail.In this shivery season, where frost seems to be at it's peak,I see one person running around just for the sake of her family.Before, the dawn breaks, she can be noticed commencing the habitual routine, as if matching the pace with the tick of clock.Dedicating the whole of her life in just serving us, meeting our endless demands.A question, strikes me here, does the winter chill don't bites her, can't she lay off with any excuse, but still my self loves to be so reluctant, i feel helpless.Devoting, the huge percentage of the day in standing in front of the stove, serving with varieties, innumerable and the unmatched delicacy, without expecting a word of praise. A bit of vex in my life,and I can feel the crease of tense and worry burdening her, what shall I pay for this admiring concern? Whenever.I'd been in any suffering, a healing hand I've always felt near me, A soft caress,I've never missed, but what about her ailments, she never grumbled,or I was least concerned. A Life of compromises engrossed with adjustments, facing and sacrificing at every step, is it so easy to live?Whatever dearth, she is in, she could never let you feel any scarcity, always have seen her showering the oceans of love and care.A quest soars often in my mind, if God has created her merely for meeting our demands, listen to all our whines, without a single ray of rage, encasing always with the warmth of her cuddle.Yes,that's a mother, a sanctified lady indeed. An impassive soul like me can draw such emotions, but all in vague, What minute efforts do I make, to meet her unsaid expectations? A heartiest salute, to my mother, her unconditional love is beyond any expression,Describing your supportive and understanding nature is virtually impossible.Thanks for making me Me, for courage to face the world, for lessons I've learnt from you and still have in abundance to learn.Again,I salute you..!!!


Dew drops said...

It was one great momento u cud give 2 ur mom...rather ur proud mom...:) Very well explored d feelings an ideal daughter/son shud have...Well said...i was having this nostalgia 2 days back...U made me rem my mom 2..:) Looking for more blogs like this!

Jaunty anima said...

Did u make ur mom read this? She'd feel so proud!:)
Sucha cute one, this is...
Keep writing gal!

Amity said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Mom...:)

It's good that we really realize how precious they are to our lives....and we can only pay back with their sacrifices by letting them know how important and how we love them so much!!!

I am so touched and almost shed a tear...coz I suddenly missed my mother...:)

I love you Madhu for doing this I can relate to it in so many ways, by being a mother and by being a daughter!

Hugs dear!