Friday, April 24, 2009

Missing Mysore Infosys - Great Poem..The Last Wish

The author of this poem is unknown, but could not resist posting it.Just, Hats off to his/her great piece of work..
It depicts some of my memorable dayzz spent at Infy, Mysore, those training dayzz..just going thru the flashback.. Gone are the days,now, only left with the memories to refresh..!!!

One year ago we joined a new college.
To earn few penny and gain some knowledge.
Afar from home in the cold chilly weather
At heaven of Mysore we all got together.

The morning rush with the roommate
Racing the cycle for not getting late
The torture started at the strike of nine
We survived by keeping messenger online

The afternoon session was really an overkill
Since Mysore food was indeed a sleeping pill
Submitting the assignments was a total waste
As we followed the magic trick of copy-paste.

The junk forwards continued to flow
We waited whole week for the new movie show
Along with friends when everything was quiet
We roamed around the campus till the late night.

The modules and compre didn't let us sleep
Some cleared away while others had to weep
Results came out, no more hosting
We had to leave, as per the posting.

Battle for swap then began soon
Mailboxes spammed by every goon
Giving last look to the gratifying paradise
The Infy guests left with the watery eyes.

We all settled down in the different places
Though memories of Mysore left in the traces.
New friends and colleagues now we have made
The old intimacy is slowly going fade

An year gone by since we had a start
Moments of past is stirring my heart
In the noisy world today am losing my mind
The last wish I make, if time could rewind.

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