Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is for 'God', the one who's there, but where..??? Today, my self wanna question him..wished, if he could be one of the viewer and come up with finest of the replies...
Heyy Almighty!!!
2day my conscious is asking
coming up with all worries and curries,
watz my purpose in dis vivacity,
where will i land up my curiosity..
watz my offense..
is the biggest suspense..
the world has become, so tough for me to survive,
my life is full of strive..
heyy u there, checking my patience,
can't u see my situation.. ??
all the pillars dropping down one by one..
m fill with frustration..
waiting for something righteous to happen..
will it ever..??
Oh lord speak out..
2day, u'll hav to..
tell me, why in my fate..
the feat is so late..??
Oh..but..u prepared me 2 play with risks..
2 accept the challenges that crawl..
2 face the poorest of all..
but..that was not the end..
and was not well..
Oh mighty.. give me the strength..
charge me with power..
wanna be someone 2 show the world..
need 2 repay a lot..
U, the creator of ma destiny..
uphold me before, i get loaded with debts..
before my sleepless nites become countless..
before all my dreams r shattered..
before the liquid spilling from ma eyes wet my cheeks..
tell there any bound 2 my apprehension..??
is my query so ambiguous for u..??
Oh Super power..listen my heart
speaking directly..
i need a utterance from u..
desire a reaction in response..
Oh mighty..Oh me a favor..
solve my enigma..
may i excel in my every endeavor..

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