Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sanchaiyta-ek koshish...

Since last few days,my mind is compelling me to take time and write something about our 'Sanchaiyta'..and today, finally somehow i managed carving out few dear frnds(Sanchaiyta's founders), take dis as an experimental attempt, as i might nt b gud when it cums to, sorry for ne mistakes made..ur views on how to improve are always welcome..
Ok..For other visitors, first of all let me introduce u all to our 'Sanchaiyta'..It's an NGO formed by seven of us fellow friends, just a small attempt to help those,who are not as privileged as we are.Few of our Contributions include- donation to earthquake victims via Army Relief Fund, donating a watertank to Tsunami affected people, donating to an organisation called HCRA where our sum was contributed for surgical treatment of the children.I would like to thank all our members and co-founders for their immense support and cooperation at every stage.
We believe that - Your minute endeavor can make a difference in a person's life..
For you it would mean nothing,but for someone,it could mean everything.
Now,I'll take u towards our journey of Sanchaiyta...

We were a group of buddies,

had to do a lot, apart from studies.
We decided to do a deed, by collection
to help those in need, with affection.

To do something incredible, was an urge
That's what made seven of us to merge.

A small penny can sometimes do wonder,
can make the lives of feeble, splendor.
It's the matter of minuscule effort, not pride,
to help those who're deprived.

Sanchaiyta-it got it's name.
We promised,it'll attain fame,
We'll work hard to help the poor and lame.

It was then,we laid the foundation.
It was then,we started with strong determination.
It was then,we initiated with the contribution.

Tsunami came as a catastrophe,leading devastation
Earthquake took thousands of lives without hesitation,
We donated as per our will,what we found to our best
Just to help those who were not like rest.
This is just an example to cite,
Sanchaiyta was meant with a motto to extirpate the plight.

It was something that kept us contented,
which we fulfilled whole-hearted,
helping those who wanted.

Then our effort was extended with generosity,
blended with little publicity,
As an outcome,others joined us for the sake of humanity.

Soon, we grew into a large family,
everyone coming along vivaciously,
to lay the helping hand calmly.

Then, what was seen was congregation,
started the process of registration,
Did more of charity and donation.

Yes, we did it..!!!
Now,our Sanchaiyta is flourishing like a child,
and will move like a glide,
what all it needs, is your support and stride..

Come,Join us in our journey of bringing smile to people's faces...
Those people,whose fate has been sealed by the clutches of cruel destiny...


Creativity!! said...

Dear, Thanks A Lot For Sharing About Sanchaiyta :) Its A Very Good Task, Which You people r doing :) Continue with this forever & ever :)

All The Very Best Success :)

Where is this Sanchaiyta Trust ??

Mads... said...

heyy..thnx a lot dear..dis was just an initiative taken by us..its among us, the members, wherever we see requiremnt, we try to make some effort..