Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just move on...

I don't know how it came, but the words started pouring and it turned into another composition of mine..specially, dedicated to all those who are facing struggle in life, to all those diminishing faces.just giving dem a message that "its when things seem worse,its then that u must not quit".
So, Just move on...

When life starts playing a game,
When u're miles away from your aim.

When things become complex,
When u ought to be hopeless.

When life seems like a hell,
When nothing goes well.

When the chosen path is full of twists and turns,
When failure is the only thing left to earn.

When nothing occurs as per expectation,
When worries+fear=life becomes the equation.

When there are no friends beside,
When darkness surrounds u from every side.

When u want to smile but u have to sigh,
When the situation makes u cry.

Whatever u do, but not quit.
Dare, u give up.
Dare, u turn back.
Accept da challenges coming,
With a face always blooming.
Chose to fight, and stick to beat.
Success will definitely lick your feet..!!!

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